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DVD  Beginner's Guide to Building a Flat-Pack Hive


A complete step by step video guide to building a British National Hive showing how to construct floor, brood box, super, roof and also how to make up a frame.

Full of handy time saving tips given in a clear and informative way


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Celia Davies The Honey Bee Inside Out. The origin of bees, disease and pollination.

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Large stocks of the following magazines are held.Please contact us with your specific wants - by year or individual issues.We have complete years of certain mags and many individual numbers.

e.g. Bees of the World. Normally it sells at 18.50 post paid but we have just obtained discount stocks. I suggest we make a time limited special offer say till the end of June and sell it at 12 pounds post paid.

Bee World, Bee Culture, Bee Biz, American Bee Journal, British Bee Journal, Bee Craft, Beekeepers Record, Scottish Beekeeper, Apiculture Scotland, Mother Earth, Bee Research, Apicultural Abstracts

Yearly reports of various American State Apiarists, Rothamstead Reports, The Beekeepers Annual, Derimker Freund, Japanese Bee Journal, Honeybee Science, Tokyo, Australasian Beekeeper, Assorted magazines from many UK BKAs, Central Association leaflets

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Vorroa.                                                                           During the past few decades, Varroa has become the most dreadful pest
with regard to beekeeping over the World. It causes the death of
bees, the main pollinators for agriculture, either directly or
indirectly, also affecting the beekeeping production and products.
Nester Fernandez, a researcher at the National Council of Scientific
& Technological Research of Argentina and Yves Coineau for twenty
years the Director of the Laboratory of Arthropods, France  and
Editor of the International Journal Acarologia have written this
important new volume

Available at the Northern Bee Books post paid at 30
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Ronald O. Kapp's Pollen and Spores 
"How to Know Pollen and Spores" by Ron Kapp was published in 1969, by William C. Brown Publishers, DUbuque, Iowa. The volume quickly became a standard reference for the identification of auatemary pollen and it has remained one of America's favorite palynology texts, particUlarly among beginning students. Certainly, a primary attraction is the clarity and simplicity of its illustrations. drawn primarily by Rick Hall, then a student at Alma College, where Ron Kapp spent his academic career. Kapp credited Rick with "all illustrations except those offungal spores," but Kapp's initials can also be seen on some illustrations. 
Kapp planned a revised edition that he began in 1985; however, this was cut short by his untimely death in March of 1990. With this edition. King and Davis have endeavored to continue the clarity and simplicity of Kapp's work while updating and correcting the text. Their goal is to provide an inexpensive introduction and guide to an area to which they are devoted, in hopes of continuing Ron's work and advancing the remarkable field of palynology.  
Some conventions introduced in the second edition include a consistent format for each taxon's of Latin binomial, followed by "CN" common name, SIZE in micrometers (JIm), (geographical) RANGE, and NOTES. Keys to several groups have been expanded and the literature has been updated to reflect the many advances in palynology since the original 1969 edition. 
Many palynologists have provided suggestions and ideas for this edition, which have been incorporated wherever practical. Students over the years have provided invaluable insights through their questions and comments, we thank them all. And we are particularly thankful for the efforts of Phil Jenkins, of the University of Arizona Herbarium, who edited the plant taxonomic nomenclature in this text. We gratefully acknowledge the technical support of several persons in preparing this Second Edition, inclUding Philip D. Jenkins, Jo Ann Overs, and Becky Meyers. 
Richard C. Hall is a medical illustrator whose office is near Jim King's. 
Richard and his students Terence Condrich, and Ross Papalardo, repaired many of his original drawings, and produced several new ones. 

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Furness  Honey Wines and Bees

A really good introduction to mead making & other honey drinks   5.95
post  paid     
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Calder  Oilseed Rape & Bees

The only title on this most important and profitable honey crop
8.75 post paid 
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William Charles Cotton MA 1813 - 1879
Priest, Missionary and Bee Master by Arthur R Smith

In the belief it would make a good story, ten years ago Arthur Smith began his investigations into the life of William Charles Cotton. Now after meticulous research, he has produced a detailed and colourful account of this remarkable man. In 1841 Cotton decided, against his father's wishes, to go with George Selwyn, who had just been appointed as the first Bishop of New Zealand. The book contains detailed descriptions of their five months voyage, their first three years at the Waimate Mission Station and then their struggle to establish new headquarters at Tamaki, near Auckland. When Cotton returned to England in 1848, his life was fraught with problems and the next nine years are something of a mystery. In 1855 his health was sufficiently restored for him to become a curate at St Mary Redcliffe in Bristol. Eighteen months later he was appointed Vicar of Frodsham, Cheshire where he served for 22 years, though dogged by ill health. In many ways he was a clever and accomplished man - he gained first class honours in Classics at Oxford, he wrote a number of books on beekeeping, he could ride a horse, row or sail a boat and undertook numerous expeditions in New Zealand. Arthur gives a vivid account of these, and many other aspects, of his life, not only bringing out the character and humour of the man but also the struggle he had to overcome his personal difficulties.

Available at 9.00 post paid from Northern Bee Books

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A reprint of the most famous bee book ever printed.. TED HOOPER MBE Guide to Bees & Honey 13.99 post paid

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New The Bee Friendly Garden                                        by Ted Hooper & Mike Taylor 16.99 post paid

Bring bees to your flower and vegetable patch. Colour photographs alongside practical information on over 300 plants. This is the only A-Z of plants that lists those specifically attractive to bees.

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NEW The Beekeepers Annual 2009 Only 9.95 post paid Add to Cart


With a desk calendar the two together come to 14.00 post paid
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Tropical Fruit Pests & Pollinators
Biology, Economic Importance, Natural Enemies and Control

Ed:  J Pena, University of Florida,USA, J Sharp, formerly of USDA,
Florida, USA and M Wysoki, Agricultural Research Organization, Bet
Dagan, Isreal

Of interest to advanced students and researchers in the area of
horticulture, entomology and pest management

95 post paid

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 A Colour Guide to Pollen Loads of the Honey Bee (2nd edition) by William Kirk

Beekeepers everywhere are fascinated by the sources of pollen brought back to the hive by their bees. Being able to identify the plants producing this pollen is the key to unlocking important information about bee forage in your area. Dr Kirk and his team have painstakingly collected pollen loads from bees from Britain and Germany, giving us surprising evidence of the natural variation in the colours seen at the hive entrance. The guide contains a key of 500 colours, and describes the pollen loads of 268 plant species found in Europe. There is also an account of how this book is useful as a practical guide to pollen identification. The text is given in English, French and German, because of the wide demand for such a book throughout Europe.

The new second edition includes updates and corrections of the first edition. It also benefits from the many advances in colour printing technology that have occurred over the twelve years since the first edition came out in 1994. The new edition is printed more accurately and should replace copies of the first edition, which may have changed colour through fading and paper aging over the intervening period.

 Available from Northern Bee Books, Scout Bottom Farm, Mytholmroyd, Hebden Bridge HX7 5JS

At a price of 16 post paid

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Biology, Conservation, and Human Interactions
with a foreword by Thomas D. Seeley

The familiar European hive bee, Apis mellifera, has long dominated honey bee research. But in the last 15 years, teams in China, Japan, Malaysia, and Thailand began to shift focus to the indigenous Asian honey bees. Benjamin Oldroyd, well known for his work on the genetics and evolution of worker sterility, has teamed with Siriwat Wongsiri, a pioneer of the study of bees in Thailand, to provide a comparative work synthesizing the rapidly expanding Asian honey bee literature. After introducing the species, the authors review evolution and speciation, division of labor, communication, and nest defense. They underscore the pressures colonies face from pathogens, parasites, and predators--including man--and detail the long and amazing history of the honey hunt. This book provides a cornerstone for future investigations on these species, insights into the evolution across species, and a direction for conservation efforts to protect these keystone species of Asia's tropical forests.

42.00 post paid

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Pollen Identification for BeekeepersNEW CDROM  Pollen Identification for Beekeepers. An Illustrated Key to accompany Rex Sawyer's Book. Needs a computer and Microsoft Excel
Only £16.00 inc UKPP
More details click here

Honey and DustNEW Honey and Dust
Only £17.00 inc UKPP
More details click here

The Monk and the Honeybee - Brother Adam and the Buckfast SuperbeeNEW-DVD The Monk and the Honeybee - Brother Adam and the Buckfast Superbee
Only £22.50 inc UKPP
More details click here

Beekeeping and Apis Biodiversity in EuropeNEW Beekeeping and conserving biodiversity of honeybees - Sustainable bee breeding and Theoretical and practical guide. BABE Project
Only £11.00 inc UKPP
More details click here

Bees in America - How the honey bees shaped a NationNEW Bees in America - How the honey bees shaped a nation by Tammy Horn
Only £23.50 inc UKPP
More details click here

The Complete and Easy Guide to BeekeepingNEW The Complete and Easy Guide to Beekeeping by Kim Flottum
Only £15.00
More details click here

NEW STOCK A Handy Guide to Aid in the Identification of Pollen Only £1.50 More details click here

Field Guide to the BumblebeesNEW Field Guide to the Bumblebees of Great Britain & Ireland by Mike Edwards & Martin Jenner.
More details click here

POLLEN - The Hidden Sexuality of Flowers Only £35.00 Rob Kesseler and Madeline Harley. "A book that will delight, inspire and intrigue" Professor Sir Peter Crane Director, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. 264 pages in full colour 305 x 280mm Hardcover Online Price £35.00 UK post paid

Bad BeekeepingBad Beekeeping Only £19.50
"Once you start reading, you will be hard pushed to put the book away" Bee Craft February 2005

Online Price £19.50 UK post paid

The Beekeepers Annual 2005The Beekeepers Annual 2005 Only £9.75 post paid Beekeepers Calendar, Articles, Directory of Beekeeping Associations and Organisations. Packed with useful information for beekeepers.
Online Price £9.75 UK post paid

Sweetness and LightSweetness & Light: The mysterious history of the honey bee by Hattie Ellis. Online price £18.50 post paid

The HiveThe Hive: The story of the honey bee by Bee Wilson (HB). Online price £16.00 UK post paid

The HiveThe Hive: The story of the honey bee by Bee Wilson (SB). Online price £9.50 UK post paid

langstroth ‘s hive and the honey-beeLangstroth's Hive And The Honey-bee
The Classic Beekeeper’s Manual L. L. Langstroth.

More details click here

The Story of FrowThe Story of Frow - Lincolnshire greatest beekeeper. Online price £2.50 UK post paid

New Aston book Plants & Honey Bees Plants & Honey Bees An introduction to their relationships by Dr David Aston More details click here

The Honey Bee Inside Out by C. F. Davis £22 post paid directly from More details click here

Welsh Honey RecipesTraditional Welsh Honey Recipes - Jane Jones

£5.25 UK post paidAdd to cart

Making nests for Bumble BeesMaking nests for Bumble Bees
£ 5.25
UK post paidAdd to cart

Bella, the Queen BeeBella the Queen Bee - New childrens book
Written by
Julian Popescu

More details

Dr. Francis Smith Beekeeping in the Tropics 2003 reprint of the 1960 classic title More details

WebsterMonographs in Honey Bee Biology

This is the first of a series of Monographs in Honey Bee Biology the General Editor of which will be Professor Tom Webster Atwood Research Facility, Kentucky State University, Frankfort KY 40601 (U.S.A.) This is currently available at £6.00 UK post paid. The Monographs will be available separately but those customers who enter a subscription requesting issues as they appear will be charged £5.00 post paid per monograph. There will be no set pattern of issues - probably no more than 2 or 3 per year, depending on how copy is sent to the General Editor. Customers who wish to become subscribers to the series should indicate this with their first order.

How Bees BeHow Bees Be - New childrens book
Written by Alison Boyle
More details

The Proceedings of the 6th European Bee Conference (IBRA 2002) More details

Bees of the World is the definitive reference work on the apiformes. Written by Charles D. Michener More details

The Little Book of Bees by Karl Weiss More details

A Cartoon BeeNew graphic adventure story called Bees Dance
Pr. Rémy Chauvin and Patrice Serres
More details
An ideal stocking filler for Christmas

Beekeeping Equipment John Yates More

NEW NOVEL The Beekeeper's Pupil More

Honey The Gourmet Medicine Joe Traynor More

Honey Connoisseur's guide with recipes by Opton More

Skeps Their History, Making and Use by Frank Alstons More

Reprint - History of Beekeeping in Britain by Fraser More

NEW - Crop Pollination by Bees by Keith Delaplane More

Queen Rearing Simplified by Vince Cook
Queen Rearing by Vince CookWe have obtained a few copies of this classic title which suggests a practical system of queen rearing which will be of great use to all beekeepers
Only £10.95 UK Post Paid

Honey Bee Biology and Beekeeping by Dewey M. Caron The why, when and how of beekeeping. Written by a popular Honeybee Biology and BeekeepingAmerican author & speaker
Only £32.00 UK Post Paid

Africanized Honey Bees in The Americas by Dewey M. Caron This fascinating book looks at the impact of the Africanized Africanized Honey BeesHoney Bee on American beekeeping
Only £10.50 UK Post Paid

Eva Crane - World HistoryEva Crane - The World History of Beekeeping and Honey Hunting

Only 80.00 UK post paid when ordered online (Normally £90). Buy online and SAVE £10 today.

Bee PropolisBee Propolis - Natural Healing from the Hive by James Fernley
Written by one of the world's leading experts on propolis, this pioneering book explains how to use propolis as everyday care, with advice on preparation and dosages, and provides full references and details of organisations and supplies. It is a valuable introduction to a product that is increasingly in the news.
Only 9.45 UK post paid

Control of VarroaControl of Varroa
by Mark Goodwin & Cliff Van Eaton

Click for more information and how to download

Constructive Beekeeping - Launched at the 2001 NHS
Constructive BeekeepingWritten and illustrated by Norman John Chapman. Constructive Beekeeping is a well illustrated book full of practical projects for the beekeeper. A useful and ideal companion for beekeepers who wish to foresake the cosy hearth and retire to their workshop during the long winter evenings. An ideal Christmas stocking present for the DIY beekeeper.
Only 16.99 UK post paid

Mites of the Honey Bee 
Edited by Thomas C Webster and Keith S Delaplane

Mites of the Honey Bee(10458 bytes) click to enlarge The worldwide dispersal of mites parasitic on honey bees has been one of the most serious problems encountered by modern beekeeping. This latest review of the problem, edited by Webster & Delaplane, and with contributions from 27 leading bee researchers is likely to be seen as the definitive volume for some years ahead. RECOMMENDED 280 pages 26.00 UK post paidClick to order book

Bees at the bottom of the Garden
by Alan Campion

Bees at the bottom of the Garden"Beekeeping is a hobby any interesting amateur could explore" - that's the message of this book which aims to take the mystique out of keeping bees. Alan Campion uses his own very recent experiences to describe in plain terms how to go about setting up a hive, what to do during the first few years and what to expect from your bees. Bees at the bottom of the garden has been one of the most popular introductory texts for the craft of the last decade, and is now once more available in an updated edition. This updated edition was published in April 2001 at 12.99 UK post paid. Read ReviewClick to order book

Oilseed Rape and Bees 
by Allan Calder

Oilseed Rape and Bees - Allan Calder"For Beekeepers to be able now to rely, for an indefinite number of years to come, upon the regular annual availability, in May and June, of a huge new nectar source, is for them an historic advance. The pattern of work through the beekeeping year is changed by it and a new yearly flow of nectar and honey is in prospect with a yield comparable to that from heather." This short run reprint of this standard title, first published in 1986 will be reissued in April 2001. Orders will be recorded before this date and supplied on publication. Only 8.75 UK post paid

The Red Mason Bee : 
Taking the Sting out of Bee-keeping
 by Christopher O'Toole

The Red Mason Bee, click to view full pictureWhen it comes to pollinating fruit bees, one Red Mason Bee can do the work of 120 honeybee workers! The Red Mason Bee is an efficient pollinator, and as an added bonus, is non-aggressive and can therefore be encouraged to nest in garden, allotment or orchard and will pose no threat to your children or pets. If you are interested in its fascinating life style of a remarkable and useful little insect, then this book is for you.

UK Post paid price 5.50

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Beekeeping in a Nutshell 
"the low cost answer to every beekeeping question" Only 1.50 UK post paid. They may be obtainable from your local association or by post from Northern Bee Books. Nutshell Shopping Cart

Beekeeping Videos and Slides
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