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Crop Pollination by Bees
Keith S. Delaplane
Department of Entomology, University of Georgia, Athens, USA.
Daniel E Mayer
, Irrigated Agriculture Research and ExtensionCenter, Washington State University, Prosser, USA.

Crop Pollination by Bees The collapse of the ubiquitous honey bee population during the past 20 years has caused a pollination vacuum for many crops. Surveys and grower experience indicate that a crisis exists in our pollinator populations.
This book is an accessible, practical and authoritative research-based guide to using bees for crop pollination. It emphasizes conserving feral bee populations as well as more traditional methods of culturing honey bees and other bees. The three main sections address the biology of pollination, methods of culturing and conserving bees for optimum pollination, and the pollination requirements and recommendations for individual crops. This last section includes 42 short chapters on different crops. It is essential reading for researchers and students of entomology, crop science and ecology and also for those working in the field with bees.

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