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Bookmark Beedata from the United Kingdom by pressing CTRL-D (Pc). This is a Bee Information Website for both beginner and proficient beekeepers. It sends out a monthly E-Fed Berkshire Beekeepers Association Newsletter to Apis-UK Notifications (Apis-UK no longer is produced). Subscription is free and automatic. The website is hosted by Northern Bee Books who supply the Apiarist's education need for excellence. Beekeepers can participate in this website and contribute their collective intelligence to make it organic and dynamic for other beekeepers-contact me. This website wants the latest scientific information on beekeeping, varroa control, colony collapse disorder, and scientific news on bees (honey and others).   Contact webmaster - Email:  Northern  Bee Books Jerry Burbidge  Email: Tel: 01422 882751 Fax:  01422 886157                                          Buy Bee Books 

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