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The Proceedings of the 6th European Bee Conference IBRA 2002

Bees without frontiers

This A4 volume consists of 161 pages. The papers given by a range of world famous scientists are listed below.
Session One

Chittka, L The Ecology Of Space Use In Bees
Cranmer, L The Use Of Linear Landscape Features By Pollinators
Cresswell, J Bee Movements In Patchy Landscapes: Progress And Unsolved Problems
Gordon, S A Comparison Of The Foraging Of Apis AndBombus Spp. In A Mixed Farming Landscape.
Kwak, MM Flight Distances Of Bumblebees In Relation To Pollination
Mand, M Foraging Of Pollen-Collecting Bornbus Terrestris L. In A Fragmented Farm Landscape
Martin, A Studying Bee Flights With Harmonic Radar
Osbome, J Characterising Bumblebee Orientation Flights With Harmonic Radar
Showler, K Some Observations On Drone Congregations In The Welsh Southern Uplands
Session Two
Pierre, J Pollination By Airborne Pollen Released By Honeybee Foraging
Stout, J Pollination Mutalisms And Invasive Weeds: The Pollination Ecology Of Rhododendro Ponticurn In Native And Introduced Habitats
Vaissiore, B Effective Pollen Transfer Among Nestmates In Honey Bees: Evidence And Consequences
Session Three
Benedek, P Bee Pollination Of Cultivated Crop Plants: A Review Of Recent Research Results And The Need For Further Studies
Jones,R Existing And Future Networks
Martin, P The International Honey Commission The Global Network Of Honey Scientists
Simuth, J Apigen- Intemational Networks Of Integrated Honeybee Research Programme
Williams, I The International Pollinator Initiative
Session Four
Allsopp, M The Threat Of Varroa To Beekeeping In Africa
Ball. B Does The Movement Of Viruses Matter?
Berg, S Investigations On The INAerance To Vanua Destructor In Primorsky Honeybee Colonies
Cakmak, I Honeybee Past And Disease Survey In The Southern Marmara Region Of Turkey
Fries, I African Honey Bees (Apis Meliffera Scutellata) And Nosema (Nosema Apis) Infections
Fuchs, S Varroa Destructor On Flight Bees Of Apis Mellifera
Gregorc, A Alternative Varroa Control
Hatjina, F Morphological Differences in Prothoracic Spiracles Between Three Strains of Apis Mellifera Existence Of A Resistance Mechanism Against Acarapis Woodi
Korpela, S Honey Bee Tracheal Mite In Finland: Population Dynamics, Natural Transmission Between Apiaries And Impacts Of Introduction Via Bee Trade
Lindstrom, A The Impact Of Temperature And Duration Of Heating On The Growth Of Paenibacillus Larvae Larvae And Contaminating Bacteria
Milani, N Serniochemicals Involved In The Varroa Destructor Apis Mellifera Relationship
Murilhas, A Varroa Destructor Infestation Impact On Merida Capped Brood, Bee Population And Honey Storage
Ritter, W Monitoring Of American Foulbrood By Means Of Examination Of Food Samples On Spore of Peenibacillus Larvae L:
Rosenkranz, P Invasion Rates Of Varroa Mites Into Honey Bee Colonies And Their Impact On The Population Dynamics Of The Parasite
Session Five
Galian, J Mitochondrial Dna Variability In Non-Migratory And Migratory Honeybee Colonies Of Southeast Spain.
Garrido, C Geographic Distribution Of Varroa Spp. Genotypes And Their Reproductive Abilities
Kraus, F.B Diversity Of Natural And Managed Honeybee (A. Mellifera L.)
Populations In Germany
Palmer, K Conservation Of The Danish Black Bee, Apis Mellifera Melfifere
Paxton, R. J Population Genetic Structure, Gene Flow And The Conservation Of A Wild Bee, Andrena Vaga, In Southwest Germany.
Schluns, H Paternity Skew In Colonies Of The Genus Apis L.
Sumuth, J The Postgenomic Area In Apidology
Session Six
Allsop, M Don't Mess With Cape Bees
Banaszak,J The Problem Of Changes In Bee Fauna - A Question Of Time Or Scale?
Brown, M Monitoring For Varroa Resistance To Pyrethroids In The UK
Delaplane K The Small Hive Beetle (Aethina Tumida) In the United States: Its Biology, and Impact on Apiculture
D-Sanchez,D Stingless Bees As Alternative Pollinators And Their Possible Competition With Africanized Bees In Tabasco, Mexico.
Lipinski, Z Psychobiological Aspects Of Adaptive Swarming Behaviour In Honeybees
Mutinelli, F Oie And Ue Regulations Governing International Trade And Community Exchanges Of Bees And Bee Products
Poster Presentations
Cooper, R The Potential Of Welsh Honeys For Wound Treatment
Cranmer, L Pollination Of Plants In Habitat Fragments With Different Connectivities: A Bioassay Approach
Gautam, I Antibacterial Activity Of Some Nepali Honeys
Lodesani, M Functional Characteristics Of Semen In The Honey Bee (A.M.Ligustica S.) Queen Spermatheca And Efficiency Of The Semen Mixing Technique In Instrumental Insemination
Marino, A Nd2 And Co1Mitochondrial Genes In Apis Melfifera L.: A Molecular Approach To Mediterranean Populations Monitoring
Marino, A A Molecular Approach To Mediterranean Populations Monitoring.
Simuth J The Properties Of Most Abundant Royal Jelly Protein -Apisalbumin-ln Relationship To Processing Of Floral Pollen By Honeybee Tchuenguem-F, FN Exploitation Of Syzgium Guineense Var.
Macrocarpum Flowers By Apis Melfifera At Ngaoundere (Cameroon)

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