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The Honey Bee Inside Out

The HoneyBee  Inside Out by Celia F Davis

The Honey Bee Inside Out by Celia F Davis.
Published 24th April 2004

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This 160 page book gives detailed information about the anatomy and physiology of the honey bee in a clear and concise format. Each of the eight copiously illustrated chapters covers an aspect of bee biology. The author has drawn most of the diagrams from her own dissections, giving a realistic rather than an idealistic impression of the parts involved.

The sections are:
+ External bodywork
+ Internal workings
+ Control systems
+ Breeding
+ Growing up
+ Keeping it all together
+ Colony reproduction
+ Inside and outside influences

An appendix gives the background to scientific terminology, a widerangin glossary Includesphonetic spellings and there are suggestions for further reading.

This book will inform anybody interested in this fascinating insect. Based on the BBKA examination modules, it will prove interesting for those wanting to know more about our honey bees.

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