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EDE1 - Honey and Dust - Travels in search of sweetness by Piers Moore Ede.

After being seriously injured in a hit-and-run, Piers Moore Ede went to work and recuperates on an organic farm in Italy. There he met a bee-keeper, Gunter, who showed him the wonders and magic of the beehive. Battling depression and afraid to face the future, Piers glimpses the possibility of renewal: honey might be his salvation.

Back in England, Piers decides upon a quest to find the world's most wondrous honey, such as that to be found in the terracotta bee jars of the Lebanon or the clay cylinders of Syria. As he travels and tastes, and his fascination deepens, his personal tribulations diminish. Looking for wild honey on cliffs with Gurung tribesmen in Nepal, or in vast jungle trees with Veddha tribesmen in Sri Lanka, Piers draws close to the very origin of life.

Yet the food that Virgil believed to be of divine origin is under threat. Piers discovers that the Varroa mite has decimated many bee populations, and bees now struggle to find nectar as modern industrial practices play havoc with delicate eco-systems.

Honey and Dust is a celebration of honey. It is also a personal quest for healing, an attempt to regain a sense of place in the world. Meditative, keenly observant, it is a book about the joy of being alive, and the regenerative powers of nature.

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Honey and Dust