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Bees Dance
by Pr. Remy Chauvin & Patrice Serres

Bees Dance Bees Dance?...Unbelievable!
As seen at the National Honey Show
and now available from Northern Bee Books.
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Unbelievable and still accurate to the smallest detail.

First published in the weekly French Figaro-Magazine, the first volume of this trilogy lets us into the secret of some delightfully bothering part of reality, inasmuch as it seems to come out of a world of fancy or out of some science-fiction story.

Indeed, there are more things in heaven or earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy.

Those restless small beings in their striped suits, incredibly magnified by the cartoonist's art, do not come from outer space, but from a universe far closer to us and yet far stranger; the world of insects, those insects that have been living on Earth alongside with us for millions of years.

Since the ethnologist Karl von Frisch disclosed it at the risk of his reputation, everyone knows that bees talk.

Their language obviously is not founded on words, but it allows to communicate and to report very precise information by means of ... a dance!

As their homologues in reality, the Aethiopian Daffara and his little aide, the human heroes of our story, have succeeded in installing a minute computer remote controlled robot on the very wax honeycomb.

As crazy as it seems, this device allows to truly communicating with insects that fully master a highly sophisticated language and possess a brain which weighs less than one milligram...

Bees' Dance opens a new type of graphic adventure-stories: Hyper realistic fictions, in which the believable has been invented and the unbelievable is true.

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