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Bella, the Queen Bee

Bella, The Queen Bee by Julian Popescu
Bella, the Queen Bee by Julian Popescu

A delightful story of life in the hive. Suitable for beekeepers to read to children or Grandchildren.

BELLA, THE QUEEN BEE rules her hive without mercy. The female bees work ceaselessly. The male drones such as Tom and Harold are rude and lazy. Old bees are pushed out of the hive and left to die. The guard -bees perish, fighting earwigs and other more deadly enemies which attack the hive in pursuit of honey.

But the most dangerous enemy is the weather for without an adequate stock of honey for the winter the bees will die.

And then there is the final terrifying battle which Bella must fight with a new rival, the young enchanting Queen Vanessa, a battle which almost destroys them all.

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