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Dr. Francis Smith Beekeeping in the Tropics

Dr. Francis Smith Beekeeping in the Tropics

2003 reprint of the 1960 classic title

The potentialities of the tropical areas of Africa, Asia and America for the large-scale production of honey and beeswax are enormous, but with a few notable exceptions, mainly in America. Beekeeping in the tropics has been conducted on the most primitive level, or with inadequate hives and poor strains of bees. During recent years, a great deal has been added to the knowledge of the biology and behaviour of honeybees, and something is now known of the plants of value to them. Some of this information has had a direct bearing on the problems of tropical beekeeping.

The first part of the book is devoted to the biology, behaviour, diseases and enemies of bees, the plants which provide most of their food, and the methods of exploiting their industry, with some consideration of the economic aspects. Dr. Smith confines himself to the straightforward equipment and methods suitable for economic beekeeping, based on experience in Europe and Africa, eliminating all that is fanciful or of doubtful value. The second part is devoted to a discussion of the apiary and its equipment, including primitive hives as well as the most efficient of the modern frame hives, with full details of their construction and assembly, and mention of the other tools and equipment required for apiary work.

Part three deals with hive management, with the most successful methods of handling simple hives, as well as the techniques of using present-day equipment, both the earlier Langstroth and the more modern Modified Dadant hives. Particular emphasis is placed on bee breeding, especially as there is a popular misconception that this can only be done by expensively equipped research stations with highly qualified staff. In fact it is something which every beekeeper can and must do if he is to increase the productivity of his bees.

The final part is devoted to the crop beeswax and honey-its constituents and properties, and the handling of it once it is removed from the hives. Lastly, the problems are considered of those whose duty it is, though not themselves beekeepers, to do everything possible to help the industry.

The book will provide all those interested in beekeeping with a handy reference and guide book, with particular emphasis on the practical and economic aspects in the tropics. It is written for prospective bee farmers, officials concerned with developing the industry, teachers in schools, and those interested in beekeeping for its own sake.

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