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How Bees Bee

How Bees Be

What's the buzz? Its Little Bee!
Milet Publishing is pleased to announce the publication of How Bees Be
Written by Alison Boyle
Illustrated by Laura Hambleton

A delightful, witty story with brilliant artwork about a little bee who learns about responsibility and growing up.

Little Bee thinks that she is a big bee and can do whatever she wants to do, but when Queen Bee takes Little Bee under her wing, Little Bee learns that being a big bee involves much more than play.
How Bees Be uses clever, rhythmic text and multi-textured artwork to tell what it really means to be a bee and about the responsibilities that come with growing up.
A fresh and funny look at an important subject, by the creators of other popular Milet titles.

Alison Boyle is a popular, praised children's book writer and consultant. She has worked with numerous publishers, including Walker and Puffin, and is the adapting author of The Dance of the Eagle and the Fish.

Laura Hambleton is an innovative illustrator whose first children's book, I'm afraid too! Was Commended Winner of the V&A Illustration Awards 2002. She is an honours graduate of the Norwich School of Art and Design and a successful designer.

This book suitable as a present for all with young children or grandchildren, or any young friends is available from Northern Bee Books.

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