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Bees of the World
by Charles D. Michener

Charles D. Michener The Bees of the WorldBees of the World is the definitive reference work on the apiformes. Written by Charles D. Michener, the world's leading authority on bee systematics, The Bees of the World is the only comprehensive, world-wide treatment of all groups of 1200 genera and subgenera, including more than 16,000 species. In extensive introductory sections, Michener examines the evolution of bees from wasps, the relations of the families of bees to one another, the evolution of bees in relation to that of flowering plants, the nesting behaviour of solitary and social bees, and the structure of immature and adult bees. Drawing on these considerations as well as the fossil record, he speculates on the attributes of the protobee, the common ancestor of all bees. He so cites the major literature on bee biology and describes the need for further research on the systematics and natural history of bees, including their importance as pollinators of crops and natural vegetation. The greater part of the work consists of an unprecedented treatment of bee systematics, with keys (many of them regional) for identification to the subgenus level. For each genus or subgenus, Michener includes a brief natural history describing geographical range, number of species, and noteworthy information pertaining to nesting or floral biology.

The work is beautifully illustrated with 48 colour photos of bees, and more than 500 black and white drawings and photographs that depict behaviour, detailed morphology, and ecology. 913 pages Now available at £135 post paid. A review of this volume may be seen in the latest issue of Bee Biz.

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