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Matthew Allan N.D.B. 

1 Starting Out
2 Fun with Bees
3 Manipulations
4 The Beekeepers Toolbox
5 Basic Honey Processing
6 Cleaning and Marketing Honey

Diana Askquith - Ellis N.D.B

7 Honey Collection and Extraction
8 Swarm Prevention and Control
9 Siting Hives
10 Moving Bees

Jack Berry 

52 Treating Oil-Seed Rape with Simplicity


11 Hive Products - Beeswax Creams and Polishes
12 Honey Bread, Cakes and Sweets
13 Uses of Honey: Meat & Poultry: Desserts and Puddings

Ken Basterfield N.D.B. 

14 Swarm Control

Rex Boys 

15 Listen to the Bees (the story of the Apiductor)

Dr. Mark Brittle 

16 Simple Swarm Prevention

Martin Buckle 

17 DIY Beeswax Foundation
18 Model Making from Beeswax Sheets

Geoffrey Burroughs 

19 Starting a Bee Farm

Norman Carreck 

53 Changing Forage for Bees

Ingrid Williams & Norman Carreck 

51 The Economic Value of Bees in the UK

Jean-Daniel Charriere & Anton Imdorf 

 20 Protection of Honey Combs from Wax Moth Damage

Stuart Ching 

43 Beekeeping Crosswords Book 1
44 Beekeeping Crosswords Book 2
45 Beekeeping Crosswords Book 3
46 Beekeeping Crosswords Book 4

Anton Imdorf 

21 The Control of Resistant Varroa Mites

Elizabeth Duffin 

22 An Introduction to Beeswax Flower Making

Peter Fluri & Ruben Ibanez

Disorders & Illnesses of Bees after High Varroa Infestation

Reg Gove N.D.B. 

24 The Solar Wax Extractor

P.A.M. Gregory N.D.B. 

48 A Beekeepers Guide to the Foul Broods

Ann Harman 

25 American Honey Recipies

John Kinross 

26 Collecting Bee Books

Jim MacFarlane 

27 Round Section Comb Honey Production

Paul Metcalf N.D.B. 

28 The Overwintering of Bees
29 First Inspection, Bees in Spring

David Morris 

49 Record Keeping for Beekeepers
54 Working with a One and a Half Brood Chamber Hive

Brian Palmer 

30 Mininucs: Management and Maintenance

John Phipps 

40 Making a Cottage Hive
47 The Beekeepers Year

Karl Showler 

31 Some Hints on the Art and Mystery of Skep Making

Donald Sims N.D.B. 

32 Making Up and Using Nuclei
33 The Miller Method of Queen Rearing
34 The Use of the Taranov Board
35 Harry Cloak’s Method of Queen Rearing

Lloyd Spear 

50 Simplified Comb Honey Production

Colin Weightman 

36 Heather Honey

Dawn Yates 

37 Feeding Honeybees

J.D. Yates 

38 Observation Hives
42 Bee Space

M. Young 

41 How to Create Honeycomb Art and Beeswax Models


39 Plants for Bees

More Nutshells No. 55-77 Click Here

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