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Brian Grant
Make a Hive Carrier

Micheal Mac Giolla Coda
56 The setting Up, maintenance, and Use of a beekeeping Nucleus

Margaret Lear
57 Honeybees and the Pollination of Flowering Plants & Crops in Britain

Brian Gant (Ed)
58 Some Plants for Bees from" Beekeeping" authors

Ben Harden N.D.B
59 A simple method of raising queen cells

Malcohn Fisher Construction Drawings for the
60 Smith Hive
61 W.B.C Hive
62 Langstroth Hive
63 Modified National Hive
64 Reversible Sloping Floor for single wall hives

Hive Products for Show Hive Products for Show by Dr Duncan Weaver
EDITOR'S NOTE This paper is slightly adapted from the last two articles of a
series which Dr Duncan Weaver wrote for BEEKEEPING before his sad and sudden death at the end of the year 2000, the year in which he gained his Master
Beekeeper certificate and was awarded the Wax Chandlers' Prize.
Urban Beekeeping by Hugh Perkins
Hugh Perkins has been keeping bees in London for 25 years and now has 25
Nationals ( 16 x 10) on 5 sies in London suburbs. He learnt his beekeeping
as a student of Tony Rowse at Ewelme, Oxfordshire some years ago and has
been an enthusiast ever since.


Janet Dowling
67 Robbing

Capt Taylor
68 Make Yourself a Nucleus Hive

Pete Jewell
69 Microscopy for Beekeepers

Malcolm Fisher
70 Construction Drawings for a Pollen Trap
  Bill Clark
71 How to make Mead & other Honey based Drinks
  Andrew Easterbrook
72 14 x 12 Fames: Extra Deep British National Brood
  David J. Abson
73 The Wonders of a Beehive
  E.H. Thorne
74 Cupkit Queen Rearing
75 Drawing for a Bee House
  Clive de Bryun NDB
76 Nucleus Colonies
  Will Messenger
77 The Stewarton Hive
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