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History of Beekeeping in Britain
Malcolm Fraser

The History of Beekeeping in Britain IBRA is pleased that Malcolm Fraser's History of Beekeeping in Britain , which has long been out of print, has been reprinted by Northern Bee Books and is available from them at 13.45 post paid. The book was in some sense a successor to his earlier work Beekeeping in Antiquity, first published in 1931. There was a second edition in 1951 which contained an appendix continuing the story from the classical period to the invention of printing. The preface to that edition stated that anyone who wished to pursue the subject further could obtain from the secretary of the Apis Club, for a shilling, a paper which carried the the history of beekeeping up to the year 1800.

It is interesting to note that in 1958 Bee Research Association was announcing that British Bee Books. A Bibliography 1500-1956 was shortly to be published as a companion volume. In fact it was not until 1979 that IBRA was finally able to publish the Bibliography , with its date span extended to 1976. By that time much work had been done by others and Joan Harding its originator had been joined by three other contributors. British Bee Books can still be obtained from I.B.R.A., or Northern Bee Books so now at last the two companion volumes are available at the same time. They are an indispensable pair for anybody interested in British bee books and the history of beekeeping in Britain.

Dr Fraser in his preface mentions the records of the Manor Courts and asked readers who came across such entries to send him a copy of them. I.B.R.A. would be interested in receiving details of these and indeed any other records that are available.

David Smith, Secretary,
International Bee Research Association

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