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Beedata is much more than just a links site - Our main aim is to support UK Beekeeping will free beekeeping information and access to Beedata services.
Interactivity is encouraged either by using our beekeeping message boards or by involving all beekeepers, in sending to us beekeeping information and articles. BeeData is owned by Northern Bee Books. With promotion in many beekeeping publications BeeData will become the best known beekeeping resource on the Internet.   

You can help us make this website exciting and informative building a significant data resource for beekeepers world wide.

  • Updated everyday with new information from beekeepers world wide.

  • Interactive areas like message boards.

  • Individuals are encouraged  to upload beekeeping articles,  news, events, association information.


Beekeeping in a Nutshell - 50 titles written by experts originally published by Northern Bee Books. With the publishers permission we have scanned and are putting a few of the titles online. You can still purchase the Nutshell series from the publishers. Free Nutshells

Bee News and Events - We will be publishing any beekeeping news or beekeeping events that you tell us about. In addition to this we have a members news service for publicity officers and beekeepers allowing adding and deletion of  beekeeping news. E-mail: for access to Members Beekeeping News Service .Subscribe to the beekeeping news service and always remain informed with e-mail. Beekeeping News

Beekeepers Directories - This page has several sub headings and will be like the beekeeping version of the Yellow Pages which will be a great reference source to the UK beekeeper. Beekeeping Directories

Beekeeping Links Page - Beekeeping web sites will be listed here that have agreed to exchange links with BeeData's. Webmaster or branch members should make sure that your beekeeping association has a link here. If you know a great beekeeping site please tell us about it.
Beekeeping Site Links 

Beekeeping Magazines - Beekeeping periodicals and publisher will be listed here. Magazines

Bee Photos - Only Pictures that you send us will be shown here, see submissions page. Photos

Northern Bee Books - As this web site is owned by Northern Bee Books you shouldn't be surprised that we have advertising and contact details on BeeData. We have Book lists and online shopping with a credit card. Northern Bee Books message board for bee books discussions like buying and selling bee books and asking about book titles.  Web form for emailing directly to NBB. Northern Bee Books 

Articles of Interest to Beekeepers - Would you like your beekeeping article published on BeeData? See Submissions page.

Beekeeping Events - This utility allows visitors to BeeData to put there own beekeeping events on the Web Calendar, password protected so you can edit them again.

Search the Database - Word search the BeeData Base with this utility.

Submit Information to Beedata - This is where you can upload files to the webmaster for acceptance to BeeData or contact webmaster.

UK Local Honey producers   - A database of local honey producers. The public can search the database by Town,City,County,Postcode or display the whole listing. Instant membership will the allow the beekeeper to add their entry, You can edit it later from the members page if required. Local Honey

Free Downloads - Files like PDF's and binaries files that are made available for download.

BeeData Beekeeping BBS - Open message board, e-mail notification of replies, user profiles which allow uploading of a mug shot! see Steven Turners profile for an example. 
Status of BBS

The National Honey Show - This is a major site for the National Honey Show (International Classes) held once a year in London UK. Download the National Honey Show Schedule from this site.

The Hive Chat Rooms - Online chat rooms for beekeepers open 24hrs a day on
View Hive - View The Hive without making yourself know to others.

BeeData Mailing List - Subscribe or Un-subscribe using the form, you will receive notice of any new files or beekeeping updates to the website from the BeeData webmaster.

Northern Bee Books Mailing List - Works the same as the BeeData mailing list, you could receive news of special offers from Northern Bee Books.

BeeData Guest Book  - Visitors are encouraged to rate our site (1-10) and leave a comment or suggestion.

Beedata URL Forwarding service  - Available for beekeeping web sites that would like to be associated with Beedata. You get a new web address http://beedata.yourname This will forward to your existing web address. Signup for your free beedata url.  URL Forwarding

Feedback To The Beedata Webmaster - We are interested in any comment you may have. Please use this form only for feedback. We encourage all Beedata visitors to leave their Private Comments here for the Beedata webmaster

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