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Get Published FREE on and the bee world will take notice

We will add any suitable information of interest to beekeepers! This can be a single page of branch association news or a bee article you have written yourself or have permission to publish. We offer a totally FREE professional service. This includes proper META TAG's to provide the correct information to search engines. 

The file formats accepted are either html, htm, doc, txt for text files and  jpeg, jpg, gif  for graphic files all can be uploaded to BeeData directly. Word 2000 or older versions of Word files are also accepted

Examples of file names that would be acceptable to upload:
Images can be either gif or jpg

Files should have a unique name and must not have spaces in them.
You must only upload files named in lowercase.
index.htm files are not allowed

Several pages of html and pictures can be zipped and uploaded. Please include a readme.txt  with contact details of the author in case we need to contact you.

File Upload!

To upload a file(s) to BeeData through your web browser, fill out the form below:

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Well presented work in html code will get a link added by webmaster on request. All other uploads will only be found using the database search. Please allow 7 days for submissions to be checked and placed online. Email: Webmaster

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