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Beekeeping Videos from Germany

Rotation in Beekeeping
An effective method for preventing bee diseases

Management of bee colonies by the rotation system helps to promote the natural defence mechanisms of a colony against diseases. It is also usefull to increase the annual honey yield. The procedure is characterized by a regular build up of young colonies from artificial swarms or nuclei colonles.The principal parts of this system of bee management durlng the annual seasons are demonstrated: Building of artificl swarms,building of young colonies from special nuclei which contain brood combs from different colonies, control of swarming and swarming impulse, use of young queens and young combs, slowly feeding of young colonies, control of varroa infestation and if necessary  treatment, poolingthe young  with the older colonies, built one year before in the season of fall (rotation)

  video colour, 53  min language version: german only     £36.00 p Add to Cart

The Rearing of Queen Bees

Queen rearing is one of the most important aspects of beekeeping. After a short explanation of the aims of selective breeding, the film shows the three most popular methods of rearing queens (completed with animation sequences). 1. Raising queen cells in a queenless colony 2. Rearing queens with the aid of a swarm box 3. Rearing queens in starter and finisher colonies Special attention is paid to selection, presentation of breed ing material, choice and manipulation of the nursing colony, controlled mating and the safe introduction of queens into the colonies.

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Selection of Honey Bees

Keeping of gentle, resistant and productive honey bees requires intensive selective breeding. A short description concerning the biology of the honey bee is followed by the explanation of the genetic features of bee colonies. The video then shows the practical management of colonies and the valuation of the most important characters in performance testing. Selecting methods towards varroa tolerance are especially regarded. The video contains numerous close-shots which exhibit typical behavioural patterns (e.g. social grooming, cell cleaning behaviour) and computer animations (the queen’s reproductive organs, occurrence of brood gaps as a consequence of inbreeding and statistical evaluation of performance tests).

The video is for use at universities as well as for bee breeders     £36.00 pp Add to Cart

video colour, 47 min     language version: English.

Instrumental Insemination  of Queen Bees

Since the 1970’s, the artifical transfer of sperm has gained increasing importance for breeding practice and is used with remarkable results. Supported by the German Bee Keepers Association the IWF has produced a video, which shows the technique of instrumental insemination in detail. First the natural mating at queen mating stations is described.Then follows the preparation of the animal material, the sperm collection, the homogeneous sperm mixing and the insemination process.

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American Foul brood - A dangerous disease of the bee hive

J.H.DSTMAN, O. von der WERNER, I,LAU                              
(Apis mellifera L.). It is very highly contagious and is caused by the sporogenic bacterium Paenibacillus larvae larvae. This video informs the viewer about the biological basis and epidemiology of this reportable epidemic disease; it shows which characteristics can be recognised and used to differentiate it from other brood diseases. Beyond this, the following areas are given particular emphasis. Laboratory diagnostics of the pathogen, including early diagnosis by means of spore detection in the honey, hygienic measures in apiaries (killing or shook swarm procedure); cleaning and disinfection measures; additional measures in accordance with animal epidemic law.  (Real and macrophotographic images as well as special effects).

video colour, 47 min       language version: English    £36.00 pp Add to Cart

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