Issue 54
Resistance Delemma 
Tolerance of bee to varroa 
Norman Carreck 
Honey Shows
The Woods Apidictor
Peter Tomkins
Issue 55
Overwintering of Reserve Queens
Dr Alexander Komissar 
Finding the Lady 
Peter J.Smith 
Romanian Rhapsody 
John Phipps 
Genetically modified organisms 
Dave Black
Design on Bees
Issue 56
BBJ - The End of an Era 
Karl Showler 
Bees and the Environment 
Geoff Hopkinson Drones 
Feeding colonies all the year round Steve Taber
Issue 57
Microscopy for Beekeepers 
T.Kidman FRMS
Drones again
Steve Taber
Slovenia: Beekeeping and Apitherapy
GMO's and the Beekeeper
Geoff Hopkinson
Issue 58
Drones part III - Steve Taber Advanced NDB course at NBU - Bridget Beatie Beekeeping project in Afgahanistan 
Yvonne Lane 
Feeding bees and making candy R.Raff
Issue 59
Saving Europe's Brown Bears
John Phipps
FIBKA Summer Course
Tim Kidman
A top-bar hive from an  old fridge
Dr Vitezslav Vydra
Issue 60
MAFF: Yes to NZ package bees
Thymol vs. Varroa
Ron Brown
Nursing colonies for queen rearing - Dr Alexander Komissar
Sting allergy: First Aid and Desensitisation
Dr Vitezslav Vyda
Issue 61
Varroa strikes New Zealand hives 
Andrew Matheson
Willows in the landscape
Geoff Hopkinson
Bee Research Centres in Spain
David Cramp

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