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Bee Biz April 2002
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One of the apiaries of Vangelis and Irini Marabeas, Trachila, Messinias, South Peloponnese, Greece.


The Honey Market - Professional Beekeepers Associations - Shows, Conferences and Exhibitions - Bee Research - New Equipment - Bees in the Media

Instrumental Insemination:Innovations in Techniques and Equipment - The New Compact, Versatile Right & Left Handed Schley Model II Instrument. Susan Colbey and Peter Schley

Working Smarter, Not Harder: Apicultural Productivity in the 21st Century Dr. M.T. Sanford

The Varroa Mite: - a Cure in Sight Rosalie Smith, New Zealand

Nepal: a Promising Future for Apiculture Jeetendra Lohani

The Historical Evolution of China's Apiculture Dr Professor Li Jianke gives an overview of Chinese beekeeping from it's earliest days until the end of the last century.

Use of Food Grade Mineral Oil and Integrated Beekeeping Practises in the Control of Varroa Infections in Apis mellifera Colonies  Agustin ARIAS MARTINEZ, Francisco ARRANZ DEL REY, Dra. Pilar DE LA RUA, Iratxe PEREZ COBO, Dr. Pedro Pablo RODRIGUEZ RODRIGUEZ

Advertising: Be Different and Grab Attention! John Phipps and James Fischer

A Taste of Honey Niche Marketing - from the drawing board to the consumer, John Phipps.

The Development of the Kiwifruit Pollination Association Kiwifruit pollination is both a challenge and a money spinner for New Zealand beekeepers, Cliff Van Heaton.

Book Reviews
CONTROL OF VARROA - A Guide for New Zealand Beekeepers, Mark Goodwin and Cliff Van Heaton. Bee Propolis, James Fearnley.
Trespassers in the Hive strange creatures which turn up in our hives .