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Registered Charity Number 1078803
Supporting the work of
Bees For Development
Agriculture that is wholly beneficial for the environment and significant for people living in remote places with few finacial resources?

We are not talking about a new idea but an activity in which humans have participated for thousands of years, an that holds an important place in societies world-wide.

We Are talking about BEEKEEPING! " Effective beekeeping leads to improved pollination of crops and better yields. In addition honey, beeswax and other products provided by honeybees create food and income"

The Troy Trust is a UK-based charity providing help to people in developing countries to help themselves through the valuable craft of beekeeping.

Help from The Troy Trust takes the form of information and advise for beekeepers and projects in developing countries. Information on all aspects of beekeeping is provided: how to build hives,how to manage tropical bees in a sustainable way, and how to create livelihoods.

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The Troy Trust keeps people in touch by giving them the information they need. This may include beekeeping journals, posters and resources boxes. Our resource boxes are valuable compilations of journals, beekeeping books and posters to assist with meetings and training programmes.

The Troy Trust sponsors subscriptions to the award winning journal Beekeeping & Development.
This quarterly journal is published by our sister organisation the international respected
Bees for Development.

For many years the journal Bees for Development has provided advise on good, practical techniques, news and view, details of recent publications and forthcoming events. The journal publishes items from beekeepers living in remote areas of the world whose voices are not heard by other journals. A sponsored subscription cost £20 per year.

Beekeeping is a neglected subject
There is a great need for this information

The Troy Trust
Patron: David Bellamy OBE PhD FLS FIBiol
Mr David Smart (Chairman)
Rev Francis Capener (Secretary)
Dr Nicole Bradbear, Ms Helen Jackson
Mr William Jones

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