2002 South East Honey Yield and Prices Survey closes 13th January 2003

As you may know, every year I ask beekeepers in the CSL South East Region (London, Surrey, West Sussex, East Sussex and Kent) for information on honey production and prices. This is used to help update DEFRA statistics on food production and it also provides an interesting snapshot of the past beekeeping season and the current state of the honey market.

If you keep bees in the South East, I'd be very grateful if you would spend a moment completing the short questionnaire below so that I can base my estimates on as many sources of information as possible.

I'm planning to put the final figures together by 13th January 2003, so all replies received by then would be much appreciated. I'll be circulating a short report based on the results to everyone on my mailing list soon afterwards.

I should mention that no individual names or details go into the final report - its just the figures that I'm interested in. If you have beekeeping friends or members of your beekeeping association that you think might like to contribute, please feel free to send a copy of the questionnaire to them.

Thank you very much for your help.

James Morton


Please fill in as many details below as you can, using your best estimates where you don't have precise figures.

AVERAGE PRICES price (£) /lb

Flower honey, wholesale £
Flower honey, direct sales £
Flower honey, in bulk £
Heather honey, wholesale £
Heather honey, direct sales £
Heather honey, in bulk £
Cut comb £

My best estimate for average yield per production colony in 2002 was:
Main crop: lbs
Heather: lbs

These figures relate to honey yield from _____ colonies.


Please return completed questionnaire to James Morton by 13/01/03 Thank you for your help.
James Morton
South-Eastern Regional Bee Inspector
Central Science Laboratory - National Bee Unit

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