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To see how these Internet mailing list work try subscribing to any of the following beekeeping mailing lists:
Just click on Join Now 
to subscribe to the mailing list  and send the message.

The Kent Beekeeping Association List Join Now  
For members of the association and distribution of 'KentishBee' Newsletters. 

The Bromley Beekeeping Association List Join Now   
For members of the Bromley Beekeeping association and distribution of 'Bromley Bee News Monthly Update' newsletter. 

The Apinet List  Join Now   
Beekeeping education extension network.

The Bee Improvement And Bee Breeders Association Join Now  
For BIBBA members and non members for those beekeepers interested in Apis mellifera mellifera and bee improvement.

Archive-Bibba-L All messages posted on "Bibba-L" are archived and stored for future access. Anybody can request message stored using special "Mailserver" commands.
Spelling mistakes will cause the commands to fail.
Send a message to In the "message body" type this command:
Within a few hours you will receive a message with a numbered list of message subject headers. Then choose which message stored in the archive to retrieve using the SEND command.
Send another message to In the message body type :
SEND ARCHIVE-BIBBA-L 1,4,18   (Example)
Messages 1,4,18 from the "Bibba-L" archive will be requested
SEND ARCHIVE-BIBBA-L 1-32         (Example)
Messages from the "Bibba-L" archive 1-32 will be requested. The numbers refer to the listed numbered message(s) obtained using the INDEX command.

The National Honey Show mailing list  Join Now   
For the beekeepers, traders, nhs members interested in the event held each year in London during November. 

You can manually subscribe to any of the above lists by sending a message to Subject: <leave blank> Message body: Subscribe <name of list>  (don't use <> only  kentbee-L, bbk, apinetL, bibba-L, nhs) only one subscription request per message. Example: Subscribe kentbee-L

The Irish Beekeeping Group
Just send a blank message to the following addresses
Post message:
List owner:

The Cluster (UK Beekeepers) informal beekeepers mail list
The Cluster email list Commands:
SUBSCRIBE - subscribe you to the mailing list.
UNSUBSCRIBE - unsubscribes you from the mailing list.
HELP - send you a help file on using the list
To issue a command/request to server
Send a message with the command you wish executed as the subject of the message.
To send a message to the Cluster email:
Direct email contact:

II may not be everyone's "cup of tea", but there is a new discussion group that has II as it's main object (and subject).
If you have any expertise in II please join us and share your knowledge.
I do not expect that there will be much traffic on this list so that it will be unlikely to overburden your inbox.
There are Database, Files and Photo Album facilities which can be accessed by members and viewed by anyone. These facilities are on the II-List webpage, which is...
If you wish to subscribe Send a blank Email to...
Your subscription will be approved by the moderator .
Messages for the list should be sent to...
This list is about Instrumental Insemination and is not a bee breeding group. It is not intended that any particular strain of bee should become a discussion topic. There are other lists and groups for that purpose. Please stick to the subject. (The discussion of genetic theories and allele problems are allowed provided that the discussion is generalised to all strains and not a specific race.)
Questions on bee management are not appropriate unless they deal with specific practices of drone and queen rearing for ultimate II purposes. This is not a list for general beekeeping problems, there are many others for that.
Personal comments should be directed to the person concerned by direct Email as they clog up the automatic archive facility and disrupt the flow of the thread.
I hope you will at all times be civil to each other and observe suitably high standards of etiquette and language. (The list is unmoderated and thus relies on your good judgment.)
Dave Cushman G8MZY
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