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1. Instruments, collections & societies
2. Performers
3. Performance Practice
4. Period Repertoire
5. Contemporary Music
6. Building, maintaining & restoring instruments
7. Festival reports
8. Other
9. Book reviews
10. Music reviews
11. Disc reviews

Key= Article (author's name, volume/issue/page e.g. 5/1/15 is vol.5 no.1 p.15)


The Mietke Harpsichord in Hudiksvall, Sweden (Andreas Kilstrom, 5/1/15)
Colt Clavier Collection at 50 (5/1/30)
The Accademia Bartolomeo Cristofori (Stefano Fiuzzi, 5/2/31)
Tomasso I Roccatagliata's 1686 harpsichord in a 1879 description (Maurizio Tarrini, 5/2/33)
Early Keyboards in Argentina (Claudio Di Veroli, 6/2/21)
The Harley Foundation (Alison Holloway, 7/1/35)
The Neumeyer Collection (Alison Holloway, 7/2/35)
Dussek, Broadwood and the additional keys (Mora Carroll, 8/1/3)
The Clavichord as a pedagogical tool (Gary Blaise, 8/2/6)

2. PERFORMERS (alphabetical by surname)

Isolde Ahlgrimm (Peter Watchorn, 6/2/10 & 7/1/14)
Susan Alexander-Max (Alison Holloway, 7/1/35)
Ronald Brautigam (Alison Holloway, 7/1/11)
Jane Chapman (Pamela Nash, 6/2/6 & 7/1/23)
Ruth Dyson (Penelope Cave, 6/2/36)
Richard Egarr (Alison Holloway, 6/1/10)
Sally Fortino (Alison Holloway, 7/2/35)
Sharona Joshua (Alison Holloway, 6/2/18)
Igor Kipnis (Elaine Hoffman Baruch, 8/1/11)
Motoko Nabeshima (Motoko Nabeshima, 5/3/6)
James Nicolson (Dave Gayman, 5/3/20)
Christophe Rousset (David Bray, 5/1/19)
Andreas Staier (David Bray, 5/2/17)
Olga Tverskaya (Alison Holloway, 6/2/33)
Kenneth Weiss (Alison Holloway, 6/1/17)
Violet Gordon Woodhouse (Penelope Cave, 6/1/7)


Bach's Das Wohltemperirte Clavier (Stephen Daw, 5/2/11 & 5/3/30)
Notation in Mozart and Beethoven (Malcolm Bilson, 5/2/23)
Meantone temperament in Handel (Carl Sloane, 5/3/17 & 6/2/35)
Trills in Couperin (Claudio Di Veroli, 6/1/20)
Brandenburg Concertos: A New Interpretation (Philip Pickett, 6/2/22)
Keyboard Instruments in Haydn's Vienna (Richard Maunder, 7/1/5)
The Keyboard Tutor of Christoph Benjamin Schmidtchen (Gwilym Beechey, 7/1/29)
Continuo in Monteverdi's Orfeo (Philip Pickett, 7/2/10)
Italian continuo practice 1600-1730 (Giulia Nuti, 7/2/18)
Baroque accompaniment (Robert Webb, 7/2/28)
Rhythmic inequality in Rameau's Pieces de clavecin en concerts (Claudio Di Veroli, 8/2/28)


Handel's 8 Great Suites (Gwilym Beechey, 6/1/24)
Transcribing Bach (Pamela Nash, 7/2/39 & 8/1/23 & 8/2/19)
John Field (Gwilym Beechey, 8/2/24)


Crosscurrents by Mike Vaughan for harpsichord and tape
& Points of Departure by Simon Emmerson for harpsichord and live electronics
(Jane Chapman 5/1/7)
Philibuster for fortepiano by Richard Sims (Richards Sims & Marc Reichow, 5/3/23)
Sonata for harpsichord & Minimal Levels for harpsichord by Kevin Malone (Kevin Malone, 7/2/5)


Keyboard technician on tour (Simon Neal, 5/1/22)
Museums and Galleries Commission Course, August 1994 (Mimi Waitzman, 5/1/26)
Debate on restoration of period instruments (Goran Grahn & David Winston, 5/1/27)
Regular maintenance (Mimi Waitzman, 5/1/41; 5/2/40; 5/3/38)
Using egg tempera on the soundboard (Jenny Haylett, 5/2/20 & Mary Mobbs, 5/3/31)
Electronic tuner (Dave Gayman, 5/3/11)
Metallic content of fortepiano kapsels (Martha Goodway, 6/1/13)
Humidity (Martin Robertson, 6/1/27)


Aldeburgh UK, 1997 (6/2/40)
Beverley, UK, 1998 (7/2/45)
Boston, USA, 1999 (8/1/37)
Bruges, Belgium, 1998 (7/2/47)
Melbourne, Australia, 1997 (6/2/37) 1999 (8/1/35)
Montreal, Canada, 1997 (6/2/38)
South Bank, London, UK, 1998 (7/2/48), 1999 (8/2/37)
York, UK, 1998 (7/2/47)


Pitch classification (Jackson Amers, 5/1/43)
Cent calculation (Carl Sloane, 5/3/15)

9. BOOK REVIEWS (alphabetical by author)

Author Title Publication details (Vol/issue/page)

Bond, Ann A Guide to the Harpsichord Amadeus Press (7/1/39)
Clark, Jane Francois Couperin: Pieces de Clavecin - The Background Bate Collection Handbooks Oxford, 1992 (5/1/35)
Douglas-Home, Jessica Violet: The Life and Loves of Violet Gordon Woodhouse Harvill (6/1/7)
Drake, Kenneth The Beethoven Sonatas and the Creative Experience Indiana, 1994 (5/2/35)
Koster, John et al. Keyboard Musical Instruments in the Museum of Fine Arts Boston Boston, 1994 (5/1/33)
Lieberman, Richard K Steinway & Sons Yale University Press, 1995 (6/1/28)
Montagu, Jeremy Bate Collection Demi-Catalogue No. 1 Keyboard Instruments Oxford, 1993 (5/1/34)
Palmer, Larry Harpsichord in America A Twentieth Century Revival Indiana, 1989 (5/3/33)
Smith, Eric A Pianist's Glossary Robert Hale, London, 1998 (7/2/44)
Zaslaw, Neal (ed.) Mozart's Piano Concertos: Text, Context, Interpretation University of Michigan press, 1996 (8/1/27)

10. MUSIC REVIEWS (alphabetical by composer)

Composer Title Publication details (Vol/issue/page)

Various A Collection of Swedish Harpsichord Sonatas from the 18th Century
Autographus Musicus (6/2/42)
Bach, J.S. Brandenburg Concertos Barenreiter Classics (8/1/28)
Bach, J.S. The Well-tempered Clavier Parts I & II ABRSM (6/2/41)
Bach, J.S. The Goldberg variations Wiener Urtext (7/1/40)
Bach, J.S. Klavierbuchlein fur Anna Magdelena Bach Barenreiter (6/2/42)
Bach, J.S. The Anna Magdelena Bach Book ABRSM (7/1/40)
Bach, J.S. Italian Concerto Barenreiter (6/2/42)
Bach, W.F. 12 Polonaises for Piano PWM (6/2/43)
Beethoven Piano Sonatas vol 1 Wiener Urtext (8/2/36)
Beethoven Incidental Music to Goethe's Tragedy Egmont Henle (8/2/36)
Brahms Piano Sonata op 1 Wiener Urtext (8/2/36)
Brahms Racoczi-March Barenreiter (6/1/35)
Chopin Ballade op 23 Henle (8/2/36)
Chopin Etude op 10 Henle (8/2/36)
Chopin Waltz op 64 no 2 Henle (8/1/36)
Grieg Lyric Pieces vol 3 Henle (8/2/36)
Handel Overture to Rinaldo; Concerto op 3 no 6 Saraband Music (8/2/35)
Handel Keyboard Suites & Pieces, 1733 Henle (8/2/35)
Haydn Keyboard Concerto in D Henle (8/2/35)
Justin us, P. Selected Works for Harpsichord Doblinger Diletto Musicale (7/2/44)
Krieger, J.P. Passagaglia Aremelin Musica (6/2/42)
Linde, Hans Martin Notabene: 3 pieces for harpsichord Schott (7/1/43)
Liszt Liebestraume Henle (8/2/36)
Rolle Sinfonia XIX (6/2/42)
Schubert Fantasie in C op 15 Barenreiter (6/1/35)
Schubert Sonata in c D 958 Barenreiter (6/1/35)
Schubert Piano Sonatas vol 1 Wiener Urtext (8/2/36)
Schumann, Clara Romantic Piano Music Vols 1 & 2 Barenreiter (6/1/35)
Schumann, Robert Davidsbundlertanze Wiener Urtext (8/2/36)
Wagenseil 6 Divertimenti op. 2 Vols 1 & 2 Doblinger Diletto Musicale (7/2/45)

11. DISC REVIEWS (alphabetical by composer or anthology title)

Composer Title Keyboardist or group Label (vol/issue/page)

The Art of the Harpsichord various (hp) Arion (6/2/47)
Auf Lautenwerck Kim Heindel (lute hp) Dorian Discovery (5/3/34)
Bach family: Concertos & Duets Christopher Hogwood & Christophe Rousset (hp, clav) L'Oiseau-Lyre (6/1/31)
The Bones of all Men Sharona Joshua (hp) et al. Hannibal (7/2/59)
Consonanze Stravaganti: musica Napoletana Christopher Stembridge (org, hp) Ars Musici
English 18th Century Keyboard Concertos Paul Nicholson (hp, fp, org) et al. Hyperion
English Harpsichord Music of the 18th century Christine Sartoretti (hp) Doron Music
Fandango: Scarlatti in Iberia Sophie Yates (hp) Chandos Chaconne (8/2/41)
For two to play Davitt Moroney & Olivier Baumont (hp) Virgin Veritas (5/3/34)
Frauenmusik fur Cembalo Sally Fortino (hp) K.e.n.wald (6/2/47)
A Garden of Delights The Windsor Box & Fir Co. River production (8/2/41)
A Grand Duo: The clarinet and the early romantics Neal Peres da Costa (fp) et al. Clarinet Classics (7/1/47)
Music in the Court of St Petersburg vol 6 Musica Petropolitana Opus 111 (8/1/34)
Music in the Court of St Petersburg vol 7 Olga Tverskaya (fp) et al. Opus 111 (8/1/35)
Musick as befitts a Quene English Virginal Music 1570-1650 Edward Parmentier (hp) Wildboar (5/1/39)
Musique allemande pour deux clavecins Attilo Cremonesi & Alessandro de Marchi (hp) Harmonia Mundi (7/2/55)
Per Cembalo Pieno Douglas Amrine (ped hp) Priory (5/3/35)
Pieces de Clavecin from the Bauyn Manuscript Vol 1 Jane Chapman (hp) Collins Classics (5/1/36)
Pieces de Clavecin from the Bauyn Manuscript Vols 2 & 3 Jane Chapman (hp) Collins Classics (5/2/38)
Plus que Tango Elisabeth Chojnacka (hp) et al. Audivis Valois (5/3/36)
Romanesca: Italian music for harpsichord Sophie Yates (hp) Chaconne (6/2/44)
Shakespeare's Musick Musicians of the Globe Philips (7/2/49)
Spanish and Portuguese Harpsichord Sophie Yates (hp) Chandos (5/1/40)
The Lady's Banquet Vols 1 & 2 Jane Chapman (hp) Collins Classics (6/2/44)
The Virtuoso Harpsichord Jacqueline Ogeil (hp) Move digital (6/2/47)
Tombeau: German harpsichord music of the 17th century Sophie Yates (hp) Chandos Chaconne (7/2/51)
Wanda Landowska in performance vol 2 Landowska (hp) Music & Arts (7/2/57)
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his predecessors Brigitte Haudebourg (hp, fp) (5/1/38)
Works for mandolin and fortepiano Viviana Sofronitzki (fp) et al. Globe (8/2/42)

By composer:
D'Anglebert [see Couperin, L.]
Bach, C.P.E. Quartets Andreas Staier (fp) et al. Deutsche Harmonia Mundi (8/1/34)
Bach, J.C. Concertante Sinfonias Collegium Aureum Deutsche Harmonia Mundi (8/1/34)
Bach, J.C.F. Trio Sonatas London Baroque Harmonia Mundi (6/1/31)
Bach, J.S. A la carte David Schrader (hp) Cedille Records (5/2/36)
Bach, J.S. Greta Kraus (hp) CBC (7/2/57)
Bach, J.S. Puyana plays B (hp) Mercury Living Presence (7/2/57)
Bach, J. S. A Recital Victor Mio (hp) VMR Enterprises (8/2/40)
Bach, J.S. Brandenburg Concertos Il Giardino Armonico Teldec (7/2/53)
Bach, J.S. Brandenburg Concertos Camerata of the 18th century MDG (7/2/53)
Bach, J.S. Brandenburg Concertos The English Concert Barenreiter Classics (8/1/28)
Bach, J.S. [& Vivaldi] Concerti & Praeludia Skip Sempe & Olivier Fortin (hp) Audivis
Astree (8/1/29)
Bach, J.S. Concertos for 2,3,4 Harpsichords Hill, Behringer, Hambitzer, Shaw (hp) Naxos (7/2/52)
Bach, J.S. Obbligato harpsichord sonatas Vols 1-3 Genevieve Soly (hp) et al Analekta
Bach, J.S. Das Wohltemperierte Clavier Davitt Moroney (hp) Harmonia Mundi (6/1/31)
Bach, J.S. Die Kunst der Fuge Isolde Ahlgrimm (ped hp) Tudor (7/2/59)
Bach, J.S. Flute Sonatas Trevor Pinnock (hp) et al. CRD (6/2/45)
Bach, J.S. Flute Sonatas Vols 1 & 2 Anssi Mattila (hp) et al. Naxos (7/2/51)
Bach, J.S. The Goldberg Variations Seymour Hayden (hp) Boston Skyline (5/3/35)
Bach, J.S. Harpsichord Concertos vol. 1 Rinaldo Alessandrini (hp) et al. Opus 111 (7/2/53)
Bach, J.S. Harpsichord Concertos vol. 1 Robert Wooley (hp) Chandos (7/2/53)
Bach, J.S. Harpsichord Concertos vol. 2 Christophe Rousset (hp) et al. L'Oiseau-Lyre
Bach J.S. [&Walter] L'Italie en Allemagne Genevieve Soly ATMA (7/1/45)
Bach, J.S. The Musical Offering Menno van Delft (hp) et al. Globe (8/1/33)
Bach, J.S. Partitas vols 1 & 2 Kirkpatrick (hp) Boston Skyline (5/3/35)
Bach, J.S. partitas Robert Wooley (hp) Chandos (8/1/28)
Bach, J.S. Sonatas for viol da gamba Shalev Ad-El (hp) et al Chandos (7/1/45)
Bach, J.S. Transcriptions and arrangements Patrick Ayrton (hp) Globe (7/2/55)
Bach, J.S. Violin Sonatas John Butt (hp) et al. Harmonia Mundi (6/2/45)
Bach, J.S. The Young Virtuoso Richard Egarr (hp) Globe (6/2/46)
Bach, W.F. Harpsichord Concertos Richard Egarr (hp) et al. Harmonia Mundi (6/1/31)
Beethoven Sonatas vol. 4 Paul Komen (fp) Globe (8/2/42)
Beethoven 'Glassenhauer Trio', Trios op 1/3 & post 154 Cohen (fp) et al (5/2)
Brahms Cello sonatas Olga Tverskaya (fp) et al. Opus 111 (8/1/35)
Busoni Piano Music Claudius Tanski (pf) MDG Gold (8/2/43)
Byrd The Caged Byrd Vol 2 Sophie Yates (hp) et al. Chandos Chaconne (7/2/49)
Chopin At Home around an 1831 Erard Janusz Olejniczak (fp) et al. Opus 111 (8/2/43)
Chopin Warsaw 1830 Janusz Olejniczak (fp) et al. Opus 111 (8/2/43)
Couperin, Armand-Louis Music of Jennifer S Paul (hp) Klavier (5/1/36)
Couperin, F. Music for harpsichord vol. 1 Laurence Cummings (hp) Naxos (6/2/46)
Couperin, F. Music for harpsichord vol. 2 Laurence Cummings (hp) Naxos (7/1/27)
Couperin, F Works Gustav Leonhardt (hp) Philips (7/2/51)
Couperin, L. [& D'Anglebert] Suites Jacques Ogg (hp) Globe (8/2/38)
Debussy Preludes Stany David Lasry (fp) Arcana (6/2/48)
de Falla Concerto for harpsichord etc. Schirmer Ensemble Naxos (8/1/32)
Field Piano Music vol. 1 Benjamin Frith (pf) Naxos (8/2/42)
Forqueray Suites de Clavecin 1747 Arthur Haas (hp) Wildboar (5/1/37)
Frescobaldi Toccate..libro primo Rinaldo Alessandrini (hp & org) Arcana (7/1/44)
Froberger Keyboard Music Enrico Baiano (hp) Symphonia (8/2/39)
Froberger Keyboard Music Siegbert Rampe (hp) Virgin Classics (8/2/39)
Froberger Keybaord Music Christophe Rousset (hp) Harmonia Mundi (8/2/39)
Gabrieli, A. Pass'e Mezzo & altre musiche Fabio Bonizzoni (hp, org) Stradivarius Dulcimer (7/2/49)
Gibbons Selected works Richard Egarr (hp) Globe (7/2/50)
Gorecki Harpsichord Concerto etc. Catherine Perrin (hp) et al. Chandos (7/2/60)
Haydn English and Scottish Songs Olga Tverskaya (fp) et al Opus 111 (5/2/37)
Haydn XII Lieder fur das Clavier etc. Tom Beghin (fp) et al Bridge (7/1/47)
Hummel Mandolin concerto etc. S Fiuzzi (fp) et al Dynamic (5/2/37)
Kleinknecht Flute sonatas Jacques Ogg (fp) Globe (8/1/34)
Krasa, Hans Chamber Music Zuzana Ruzickova (hp) et al. Praga Digitalis (7/2/59)
Kuhlau Pieces for flute and piano Richard Egarr (fp) et al. Globe (8/1/35)
Lawes, W. Fantasia-Suites London Baroque Harmonia Mundi (8/1/33)
Leclair Sonates en trio op 4 London Baroque Harmonia Mundi (7/2/56)
Leclair Ouvertires & Sonates en trio op 13 London Baroque Harmonia Mundi (7/2/56)
Linley A Shakespeare Ode Musicians of the Globe Philips (7/2/49)
Loewe Grosse Sonate etc. Cord Garben (pf) cpo (8/1/30)
Martinu Promenades etc. Marc-Andre Hamelin (hp) et al. Analekta (8/1/32)
Mendelssohn Concerto for piano & violin etc. Andreas Staier (fp) et al. Teldec (8/1/35)
Mendelssohn [& Schubert] Wanderings Daniel Paul Horn (fp) Titanic (8/2/43)
Merulo Toccate, Ricercari etc. Fabio Bonizzoni (hp, org) Arcana (7/2/49)
Mondonville Pieces de clavecin avec voix William Christie (hp) et al. Harmonia Mundi
Poglietti Rossignolo Joyce Lindorff (hp) Titanic (6/2/45)
Poglietti Rossignolo Jorg-Andreas Botticher (hp) Harmonia Mundi
Poulenc Concert Champetre etc. Elizabeth Chojnacka et al. Naxos (8/1/32)
Purcell Suites and Transcriptions Terence Charlston (hp) Naxos (7/2/51)
Rameau Pieces de Clavecin en concerts (1741) Haugsand (hp) et al (5/2/38)
Rameau Pieces de Clavecin en concerts (1741) Rousset (hp) et al (5/2/38)
Rameau Pieces de Clavecin en concerts (1741) Shalev Al-Ed (hp) et al. SY (8/1/30)
Salieri Concertos for fortepiano in C & Bb [&Steffan] Staier (fp) et al. (6/1/33)
Scarlatti By Hayden Seymour Hayden (hp) Boston Skyline (5/3/35)
Scarlatti Unpublished Sonatas Mayako Sone (hp) Erato (5/1/39)
Scarlatti Thirteen Selected Sonatas Pamela Nash (hp) Aladdin (6/2/46)
Schubert Arpeggione Sonata etc. Paolo Giacometti et al. (fp) Channel Classics (6/2/48)
Schubert Goethe Lieder Paul Badura-Skoda (fp) et al. Arcana (7/1/47)
Schubert Impromptus Peter Katin (fp) Athene (5/2/39 & 5/3/30)
Schubert Piano Works vol. 2 Trudelies Leonhardt (fp) Globe (7/1/46)
Schubert Sonata in a op 42 Impromptus op 142 Paolo Giacometti (fp) Channel Classics (6/2/48)
Schubert Sonatas D566, D664, Impromptus op 90 Olga Tverskaya (fp) Opus III (7/1/46)
Schubert The Late Piano Sonatas Andreas Staier (fp) Teldec (8/2/42)
Schubert Winterreise Andreas Staier (fp) et al. Teldec (8/1/34)
Schubert [see Mendelssohn]
Seixas Harpsichord concerto etc. Ketil Haugsand (hp) et al. Virgin Veritas
Soler Sonatas for harpsichord vol. 2 Gilbert Rowland (hp) Naxos (6/2/47)
Soler Sonatas for harpsichord vol. 3 Gilbert Rowland (hp) Naxos (7/1/45)
Soler Sonatas for harpsichord vol 4 Gilbert Rowland (hp) Naxos (7/2/55)
Steffan [see Salieri]
Telemann 4th Book of Quartets Jacques Ogg (hp) et al. Globe (8/1/34)
Tomkins Keyboard music vols 3 & 4 Bernhard Klapprott (hp, org) MDG (7/2/51)
Vivaldi [see Bach, J.S.]
Walter [see Bach, J.S.]
Weber Symphonies 1& 2, Konzertstuck Melvyn Tan (fp) et al. EMI Classics (7/1/47)