Mr J. T. Brown
Varroa can be overcome 

Varroa can he overcome, using a tincture made with green almond husks (Not shells)
and alcohol.

So take a large screw top jar and fill it with shredded green almond husks to about
1/2inch from the top, then add the alcohol (I use vodka) to just cover the husks, then
screw the top on.

Leave for approximately one month, by which time the tincture in ready for use.
Strain the tincture into a clean bottle.
Fix an absorbent pad "Fume Pad" to a dummy board, paint the pad with tincture (35ml)
until the pad is saturated then place the treated dummy board behind the frames
with the pad facing the brood combs.
After a month the dummy board should be replaced with a freshly treated dummy board. Do
this every month.
Having used this method for over four years, my hives appear to be virtually varroa
I leave treated dummy boards in the hives throughout the year, because the tincture
is non toxic and cannot effect the honey or the bees.
The alcohol is required to extract the active principle from the husks. I use
vodka because it is odorless, and economical.
When I inspect my colonies, I always remove some of the capped drone brood to
test for varroa. I am pleased to report that the drone larvae were without blemish.

Take note.
The jars must be full of shredded husks before you add the alcohol, too much
alcohol will make the tincture useless.
Treatments work out at 16 pence per month.
Shredded walnut husks can be used, the results will be the same.

Walnut tincture is available from:
The Herbal Apothecary, 103.High St, Syston, Leicester LE7 IGQ. 
Phone. 0116 2602690.

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This tincture is being used in:- Northern Italy, Austria, British Columbia, Leicester,Yorkshire, Sussex,Swansea,
Galashiels Selkirshire, Dorset,Dunmow Essex, Oxford, Truro Conwall, Ongar Essex, Roxburghsire,Huddersfield, Surrey, Doncaster, Romford Essex.