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The Apis-UK Beekeeping Newsletter

Profile of David Cramp the Editor of Apis-UK

I started beekeeping about 12 years ago whilst still serving in the RAF at Waddington in Lincolnshire, with two WBC hives in the married quarter garden. Membership of the Lincoln branch of the BBKA provided me with my essential basic instruction and I then went on that excellent beekeeping course then run by Alan Campion at the local agricultural college. (He is the author of 'Bees at the bottom of your Garden' which was my beekeeping bible. I'm glad to see that it has now been republished). After finishing my service I undertook a years post graduate diploma in beekeeping at the Bee Research Unit, University of Wales in Cardiff, under Professor Robert Pickard and Dr Robert Paxton and ended it with a thesis on Drone Congregation Areas. (A most interesting and mysterious subject).

The course gave me a great interest in the science of beekeeping which I still retain today. I then left the UK for remote Spain and began a small beekeeping business; selling honey; giving courses to groups and individuals and vastly increasing my knowledge of the practical side of apiculture. I was also fortunate enough to be able to write for the UK, US and Spanish bee press and various smallholding magazines, and in 1999 wrote 'The Beekeepers Field Guide'.

I now live with my wife and two young daughters (the 7 year old being adept at identifying and following swarms) on a finca in the province of Huelva in Andalucia where we keep bees, and attempt to produce olives, cork and honey. For several years now I have been the representative for Spain of that most worthy organisation, IBRA, and now have the pleasurable but daunting task of editing this new venture on the web.

The Editor of Apis-UK David Cramp E-mail bassdrum1999@yahoo.com

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