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The contents listing of the first 12 issues of "Primary Science and Technology Today" all available at 4 pounds each post paid.

Issue 1: Editorial Graham Jarvis & John Wilson Illuminating Light Jonathon Osbourne, Kings College London Everything you need to know, from salt to soap suds Joy Parvin, Primary Science Project Officer, Chemical Industry Education Centre Bedsprings and Bridges some ideas for teaching about forces Shirley Simon, Kings College London Floating and Sinking - your editors to the rescue Graham Jarvis & John Wilson Science in the Nursery Lynda Mosley, Nursery teacher, The Early Years Centre Nursery School, Trinity & All Saints, Leeds Alien Science Dr. Gordon Joyes, Lecturer in Science Education at The University of Nottingham & Joanne Bradley, Class teacher at Monvers Juniior School in Noffinghomshire Observing

Issue 2: Editorial Graham Jarvis &John Wilson Nine Ways to Make the Most of IT in Science & Technology Keith Hemsley Teaching Materials at Key Stage 2: A Story of Developing Practice Dr. Gordon Joyes How Children Choose:Evaluating Pencil Cases Yvonne Outterside Electricity in the Classroom Delivering the National Curriculum Background to Understanding Electricity Graham Jarvis & John Wilson Science Resources for Key Stage 2 SATIS 8-14 Caroline McGrath Difficult but Wonderful Leslie Newson lt Worked For Me- Living and Not Living- Teaching from ChildrenÕs Ideas Charis Dykes Reviews

Issue 3: EditorialGraham Jarvis &John Wilson Asking Questions with Answers in Mind
Bob Sayles Ofsted Alan Hardwicke Investigating Chemical Change in Primary Classrooms Dr. Steve Farrow Living Th

Issue 4: Editorial Graham Jarvis & John Wilson Openings for Energy John Rodway
Mini-beasts at Key Stage 2 Bob Sayles The Size of the Universe a question of scale
Dr. Steve Farrow Cooking Day at Bais Yaacov Primary School Emily Kushner Planning to Teach - The Human Skeleton and Changing Materials Gail Tinson Annotation Sheets: helping towards assessme

Issue 5: Editorial Graham Jarvis &John Wilson I Love Science but Hate Writing Up!
Rachel Sparks Linfield & Paul Warwick Using the Zoo as a Science Education Resource
Dr. Sue Dale Tunnicliffe The Solar System: how big, how far? Dr. Steve Farrow Time to Take Control John Wilson Background Notes - Soils, Fossils & Rocks
The Egg in the Bottle Mystery Dr. Zoe Zoni Zavogli Colour Coded Technology Lindsey Newett Previews Curioxity China - Cradle of Knowledge Techniquest The New BP Catalogue

Issue 6: Editorial Graham Jarvis &John Wilson Talking in the Zoo Dr. Sue Dale Tunnicliffe A Design and Technology Project: Victorian Toys Dr. Gordon Joyes
Day and night, seasons and the phases of the moon Dr. Steve Farrow
Children-Õs Ideas - Floating and si

Issue 7 : Editorial Graham Jarvis &John Wilson Is it Fair? Rachel Sparks Linfield, Paul Warwick,
Philip Stephenson and Jenny Docherty Why? What? When? How? Does it? Dr. Sue Dale Tunnicliffe Attitudes towards and knowledge of Science in Teacher Trainees Bob Sayles What your curriculum needs is Structure Including four photocopiable worksheetsJohn Wilson The Bubble Charis Dykes Reviews Tackling Drugs in the Primary School Into Technology ItÕs my Life Sex Education Science 7-1 1 Information BAYS talks to The Museum of Science & Industry in Manchester Putting Engineering back on the Agenda Teach Speach Pioneers Vid

Issue 8: Editorial Packaging John Wilson Science & Television Malcolm Ward Working Displays Diane Fleming Evaporation and Condensation What we want children to know
Resources UNICEF Books and Educational Packs Farm Visits Fold Out Charts History and Science CD-ROMs News Releases Chemistry for Life The Idea Health Show Northern Electric Recycling Competition Teaching Pupils to be Water Wise UK Scientist wins Euro Prize

Issue 9: Editorial Animal Olympics Day Wendy Jane Housemen Breadth and Balance Christina Lundberg Instructional Interventions to Help Children Understand the Shape of the Earth and Gravity on the Earth Varvara Leovari, Mario Xyrafi, Evilena Alexopoulou and Stella Vosniadou Science through Physical Education or and Physical Education? Bev Hopper and Rachel Sparks Linfield WhatÕs Inside Our Dog? Dr. Sue Dae Tunnicliffe Life Processes and Living Things: Living Things in Their Environment - What can we do and Why are we doing it? Resources/Reviews News Releases

Issue 10:

Issue 11: Editorial WhatÕs Inside a Tree? Dr Sue Dale Tunnicliffe Teaching Earth Science or Rocks and Soils Graham Jarvis Earthkind - ÔA Voyage of DiscoveryÕ An Alternative approach to Learning More Puppet Technology Making a puppet for performance Design and make a finger puppet Briget Dubiel ond Claire H

Issue 12: Editorial Flowers Dr Katherine Evennett Keys Dr Katherine Evennett Progression of lessons for teaching plants Graham Jarvis Seven Activities for Using the Local Environment Bob Sayles About Plants: The Scientific View Anabela Monteiro, Joao Boleu, Marta Alves, Sandra Lucas Growth and Change at Year 6 compilation of ideas Using Questions Grahom Jarvis Using Textease in Science Clare Lavery ond Maddy Barnes Making the most of Numeracy Hour Using Living with Technology Information CD-ROMs from Granada Learning *PPARC: From Building Blocks to Atoms *BBC,, Digital Channel * Waste Watch * Valiant Technology *The Electricity Association *OFSTED News Releases *Demon Internet: Green Cross Code for Parents and Teachers

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