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Beekeeping Magazines Published by Northern Bee Books.

Add to Cart The New Bigger Beekeepers Quarterly the largest (54 pages) directly mailed international magazine for beekeepers. 4 issues a year. Subscription for 1 year. 24

Beekeeping Book, Slides & Videos   (List in alphabetical order by author)   Shortcut to Bee Slides  

Add to Cart Item Name Author Title  Price

Add to Cart NBB1 A.A.P.A. Protecting Honey Bees from Varroa 1.50 

Add to Cart NBB2 AASP Pollen of the United States 28.50

Add to Cart NBB3 Abbiw Useful Plants of Ghana 16.50

Add to Cart  NBB4 Adam Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey 10.95

Add to Cart  NBB5 Adam In Search of the Best Strains of Bees 12.00

Add to Cart  NBB6 Aebi Mastering the Art of beekeeping Vol 1 8.10

Add to Cart NBB7 Aebi Mastering the Art of Beekeeping Vol 2 9.50

Add to Cart NBB8 Alford Provisional Atlas of Insects (Bumble Bees) 1.40

Add to Cart NBB9 Alston Hives & Honey Bees in Signs 7.75

Add to Cart NBB10 Atkinson Micronucs 3.75

Add to Cart  NBB11 Atkinson Background to Bee Breeding 26.00

Add to Cart NBB12 Bailey & Ball Honey Bee Pathology 42.00 Reduced in Price

Add to Cart NBB13 Barbosa Novel Aspects of Insect - Plant Interaction 57.50

Add to Cart NBB14 Barrett Australian Beekeeping Bibliography 5.50

Add to Cart NBB15 Bates An Introduction to Bee Houses 4.75

Add to Cart NBB16 Battershill Beeswax Crafts 10.95

Add to Cart NBB17 BBKA Honeybee Anatomy 4.50 

Add to Cart NBB18 BBKA Hive Plan Modified National 1.20

Add to Cart NBB19 BBKA Hive Plan Smith 1.20

Add to Cart NBB20 BBKA Hive Plan Langstroth 1.20

Add to Cart NBB21 BBKA Hives Plan WBC 1.20

Add to Cart NBB22 BBKA Bees in the Curriculum 19.00

Add to Cart NBB23 BBKA Hive Plan Sundown 1.20

Add to Cart NBB24 BBKA Conba Video /Varroa 10.00

Add to Cart NBB25 BBKA Leaflet Finding and Marking the Queen 1.75

Add to Cart NBB26 BBKA Leaflet Taking a Sample of Adult Bees 1.75

Add to Cart NBB27 Berry, Jack Queen Rearing with Simplicity 1.85

Add to Cart NBB28 Berthold Beeswax Crafting 13.25

Add to Cart NBB29 Beswick, Francis British Traditional Honey Drinks 5.95

Add to Cart NBB30 BIBBA Vidio/Bee Breeding & Queen Rearing 18.50

Add to Cart NBB31 BIBBA Queen Rearing-Video 18.50

Add to Cart NBB32 BIBBA Pedigree Bee Breeding 4.90

Add to Cart NBB33 BKA The Beekeepers Annual 1990/2001 1.50 (Use special instructions to say which year)

Add to Cart NBB34 BKA The Beekeepers Annual 2002 7.75

Add to Cart BKA2003 BKA The Beekeepers Annual 2003 7.75
Add to Cart BKA2004 BKA The Beekeepers Annual 2004 9.75

Add to Cart NBB35 BKQ Binder 6.95

Add to Cart NBB36 Bolton,Barry Identification to the Ant Genera of the World 43.00

Add to Cart NBB37 Bolton,Barry A New General Catalogue of Ants of the World 82.00

Add to Cart NBB38 Bonney Hive Management 11.75

Add to Cart NBB39 Bossom Encaustic Art 8.95

Add to Cart NBB40 Brackenbury Insects in Flight 22.60

Add to Cart NBB41 British Bee Journal The Ambrose Colouring Book 1.25

Add to Cart NBB42 Brown Bees: A Guide to Management 11.00

Add to Cart NBB43 Brown Economical Beekeeping 1.95

Add to Cart NBB44 Brown Managing Mininucs 1.95

Add to Cart NBB45 Brown Great Masters of Beekeeping 13.00

Add to Cart NBB46 Brown Look Listen and Learn 1.90

Add to Cart NBB47 Brown A Simple Two Queen System 1.25

Add to Cart NBB48 Brown Beeswax 12.00

Add to Cart NBB49 Brown,Ron Honeybee Swarms 3.75

Add to Cart NBB50 Buckle Do you know about Honey Bees 7.75

Add to Cart NBB51 Burt Swarm Control 0.70

Add to Cart NBB52 Calder Recipes using Beeswax Cook Book 1.50

Add to Cart NBB53 Calder Sweet and Savoury Cook Book 1.50

Add to Cart NBB54 Calder Health and Honey 1.50

Add to Cart NBB55 Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists Managing Bees for Crop Pollination 5.00

Add to Cart NBB56 Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists Honeybee Diseases and Pests 4.50

Add to Cart NBB57 Canadian Association of Professional Apiculturists Honeybee Diseases and Pests 2nd Edition 5.50

Add to Cart NBB58 Clark A Beekeeping Glossary 2.00

Add to Cart NBB59 Coggshall Beeswax 11.00

Add to Cart NBB60 CONBA Varroa-Video 10.00

Add to Cart NBB61 Constable Candle Making-Beginners Guide 6.95

Add to Cart NBB62 Constable Candlemaking Creative Techniques 9.50

Add to Cart NBB63 Cook Honey Prodn. Colony/Queen Cells 0.40

Add to Cart NBB64 Cooper The Honeybees of the British Isles 7.50

Add to Cart NBB65 Cotton Buzz a Buzz 8.85

Add to Cart NBB66 Couston Principles of Practical BeeKeeping 9.75

Add to Cart NBB67 Couston Fly with the Beeman 9.25

Add to Cart NBB68 Cramp The Beekeepers Field - Guide 14.45

Add to Cart NBB69 Crane World History of Beekeeping 90.00

Add to Cart NBB70 Crane Bee Hives of the Ancient World 4.50

Add to Cart NBB71 Croft Curiosities of Beekeeping 4.25

Add to Cart NBB72 Croft Profitable Beekeeping 5.75

Add to Cart NBB73 Dadant The Hive and the Honeybee 45.00

Add to Cart NBB74 Dade Anatomy and Dissection 21.45

Add to Cart NBB75 Dalby Honey Microwave Cookery Recipes 1.50

Add to Cart NBB76 Darg A Guide to Swarm Control 2.50

Add to Cart NBB77 Darg A Hive of Industry 2.50

Add to Cart NBB78 Darg Living with Varroa Jacobsoni 2.50

Add to Cart NBB79 Darg Queen Rearing 2.50

Add to Cart NBB80 Darg Seasonal Management 2.50

Add to Cart NBB81 Darg The Beeway Code 2.50

Add to Cart NBB82 Darg The Selection of Apiary Sites 2.50

Add to Cart NBB83 Dartington New Beekeeping in Long Deep Hive 4.50

Add to Cart NBB84 Davis Beekeeping in Swarming Season 5.00

Add to Cart NBB85 De Bruyn Practical Beekeeping 27.00

Add to Cart NBB86 Delaplane, Keith Honey Bees and Beekeeping 16.00
2nd Addition

Add to Cart NBB87 Dews Breeding Better Bees 3.70

Add to Cart NBB88 Donovan Hunting Wild Bees 9.15

Add to Cart NBB89 Drescher Tech. Co-op Activities 5.00

Add to Cart NBB90 Dublon Practical Queen Rearing 13.00 post paid

Add to Cart NBB91 Edwards The Bee-Master of Warrilow 4.30

Add to Cart NBB92 Evans The Complete Guide to Beekeeping 18.65

Add to Cart NBB93 FAO Value Added Products from Beekeeping 35.00

Add to Cart NBB94 Fatigati Bzz A Beekeepers Primer 4.25

Add to Cart NBB95 Feltwell,John Beekeeping 4.75

Add to Cart NBB96 Fert,Gilles Breeding Queens 12.50 No longer available

Add to Cart NBB97 Field Honey Days (HB) 16.75

Add to Cart NBB98 Field Honey Days 11.75

Add to Cart NBB99 Field Honey by the Ton 8.95

Add to Cart NBB100 Field Beautiful Queens and Honey Too 1.95

Add to Cart NBB101 Foster Bee Boles and Bee Houses 3.65

Add to Cart NBB102 Free Honeybee Biology 11.50

Add to Cart NBB103 Free Keeping Bees 11.50

Add to Cart NBB104 Free The Social Organization of Honey Bees 5.75

Add to Cart NBB105 Frisch Bees 5.00

Add to Cart NBB106 Furness Honey Wines and Beers 4.00

Add to Cart NBB107 Furzey Beekeeping-Video 19.50

Add to Cart NBB108 Galton The Bee Hive 3.75

Add to Cart NBB109 Gess,Sarah The Pollen Wasps 36.00

Add to Cart NBB110 Goodwin Elimination of AFB without Drugs 15.50

Add to Cart NBB111 Gregg The Philosophy and Practice 5.00

Add to Cart NBB112 Harding British Books: (The Definitive Bibliography) 22.50

Add to Cart NBB113 Hardy,Stephen Pocket Pollen Colour Guide 1.50

Add to Cart NBB114 Hawcock Bouncing Bee 2.50

SORRY OUT OF PRINT NBB115 Heath A Case of Hives

Add to Cart NBB116 Hepburn Honeybees and Wax 47.00

Add to Cart NBB117 Hill Virtues of Honey 1.00

SORRY OUT OF PRINT NBB118 Hodges The Pollen Loads of the Honeybee

Add to Cart NBB119 Honey Model of Honey Bee (Wooden) 7.00

Add to Cart NBB120 Hooper Guide to Bees and Honey (SB) 13.99

Add to Cart NBB121 Hooper Guide to Bees and Honey (HB) 17.95

Add to Cart NBB122 Howe Practical Beekeeping 5.00

Add to Cart NBB123 Hull, Liz I want to Dance 6.50

OUT OF PRINT NBB124 Ioyrish Bees and People 6.00

Add to Cart NBB125 Jackson Smoking Allowed 5.95

Add to Cart NBB126 Jaycox Beekeeping Tips and Topics 6.75

Add to Cart NBB127 Jenkins Queen Rearing the Jenkins Way 2.30

Add to Cart NBB128 Johansen Pollinator Protection 15.00

Add to Cart NBB129 Johansson Apiculture Lit. Published in USA 6.70

Add to Cart NBB130 Johansson Some Important Operations 7.95

Add to Cart NBB131 Johnston A Nomad Amonst the Bees 5.50

Add to Cart NBB132 Kirk The Colour Guide to Pollen Loads 14.00

Note NBB132 Out of Print until early Autumn New price to be advised later

Add to Cart NBB133 Kirk Insects on Cabbage & Oilseed Rape 9.60

Add to Cart NBB134 Laidlaw and Page Queen Rearing and Bee Breeding 26.00

Add to Cart NBB135 Lawes The Bee Book Book 9.25

Add to Cart NBB136 Lawes The Bee Book Book (HB) 19.25

Add to Cart NBB137 Manchester Microscopy Soc Microscopy: First Steps in a Secret World 3.00

Add to Cart NBB138 Manley Honey Farming 9.95

Add to Cart NBB139 Matheson Practical Beekeeping in New Zealand No longer available

Add to Cart NBB140 Matheson Living with Varroa 15.75

Add to Cart NBB141 Matheson Bumble Bees 9.00

Add to Cart NBB142 Matheson Foraging for Bees/Agricultural Landscapes 15.75

Add to Cart NBB143 Matheson New Perspectives on Varroa 16.50

Add to Cart NBB144 Mc Arthur Swarm Trigger Discovered 5.50

Add to Cart NBB145 Mc Greggor Insect Poll. of Cult. Crop Pit 18.15

Add to Cart NBB146 Mead Honey Cookery Cook Book 1.50

Add to Cart NBB147 Menzel Neurobiology and Behavior of Honeybees 50.00

Add to Cart NBB148 Mesquida Elements of Genetics 4.00

Add to Cart NBB149 Michener The Social Behavior of the Bee 33.00

Add to Cart NBB150 Miller Dragonflies 10.00

Add to Cart NBB151 Milner Beekeeping in Britain 1.95

Add to Cart NBB152 Mobus The New Varroa Handbook 9.50

Add to Cart NBB153 Mobus Pedigree Bee Breeding 5.90

Add to Cart NBB154 Moffett Justice in Nowata 6.00

Add to Cart NBB155 More The Bee Book 8.45

Add to Cart NBB156 More Discovering Beekeeping 3.50

Add to Cart NBB157 Morse A Year in the Beeyard 7.95

Add to Cart NBB158 Morse Complete Guide to Beekeeping 7.75

Add to Cart NBB159 Morse Making Mead (Honey Wine) 7.95

Add to Cart NBB160 Morse Rearing Queen Honey Bee 10.75

Add to Cart NBB161 Morse Honey Bee Pests, Predators and Diseases Edition3 33.00

Add to Cart NBB162 Mraz Health and the Honeybee 10.00

Add to Cart NBB163 Munn(ed) Beeswax and Propolis 5.75

Add to Cart NBB164 NBB Yorkshire Honey Cookbook 1.50

Add to Cart NBB165 Nijhout Insect Hormones 37.50

Add to Cart NBB166 Owsianka The Legend of the Hive 9.50

Add to Cart NBB167 Pam Varroa Mesh Floors 4.50

Add to Cart NBB168 Park Dance of the Honeybee-Precis 5.50

Add to Cart NBB169 Popescu The Honey Cookbook 7.99

Add to Cart NBB170 Posthumus Bij en Inker (The Bee and Beekeeper) 13.50

Add to Cart NBB171 Proctor The Natural History of Pollination 18.45

Add to Cart NBB172 Prys. Jones Bumblebees 13.50

Add to Cart NBB173 Ransome,Hilda The Sacred Bee 12.00

Add to Cart NBB174 Rice,Norman Queens`land 10.95

Add to Cart NBB175 Richards & Davies Imms General Textbook 25.00

Add to Cart NBB176 Riches Bee Keeping 4.00

Add to Cart NBB177 Riches, Harry A Handbook of Beekeeping 14.25

Add to Cart NBB178 Riches,Harry Honey Marketing 7.95

Add to Cart NBB179 Riches, Harry Mead 10.40

Add to Cart NBB180 Roberts, M B V Biology-A Funtional Approach 16.50

Add to Cart NBB181 Root ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture 32.00

Add to Cart NBB182 Root The New Starting Right 4.50

Add to Cart NBB183 Root Queen Management 5.95

Add to Cart NBB184 Root Swarming 5.95

Add to Cart NBB185 Root Selling Honey 5.95

Add to Cart NBB186 Russell Spray Liaison 3.75

Add to Cart NBB187 Ruttner Biogeography and Taxonomy of Honeybees 68.00

Add to Cart NBB188 Ruttner Breeding Techniques and Selection 5.00

Add to Cart NBB189 Ruttner The Dark European Honey Bee 4.75

Add to Cart NBB190 Saywer Honey Identification 17.25

Add to Cart NBB191 SBA Bees and Beekeeping 2.50

Add to Cart NBB192 SBA Catalogue of the Moir Library 2.75

Add to Cart NBB193 SBA Moir Library Sup. 1. 2.20

Add to Cart NBB194 SBA Moir Library Sup. 2. 6.00

Add to Cart NBB195 Scott A Murmur of Bees 4.65

Add to Cart NBB196 Seeley Wisdom of the Hive OUT OF PRINT

Add to Cart NBB197 Sheffield University Dancing for their Supper-Video 19.50

Add to Cart NBB198 Showler The Observation Hive 9.85

Add to Cart NBB199 Sims Sixty Years with Bees 15.00

Add to Cart NBB200 Sims Sixty Years with Bees (HB) 21.85

Add to Cart NBB201 Skilling Sixty Years with Smoker and Veil 5.75

Add to Cart NBB202 Sladen The Humble Bee 16.95

Add to Cart NBB203 Slides Seasonal Management of a Honeybee Colony-18 11.00

Add to Cart NBB204 Slides Bees- Activities of Worker Honey Bees-8 6.00

Add to Cart NBB205 Slides Activities Within the Colony--12 8.00

Add to Cart NBB206 Slides Composition of the Colony-12 8.00

Add to Cart NBB207 Slides Bees- The Honey Bee-8 6.00

Add to Cart NBB208 Slides Bumblebees-The Life Cycle of the Colony-8 6.00

Add to Cart NBB209 Slides Bumblebees- Life History of Individuals-8 6.00

Add to Cart NBB210 Slides Hive Types and other Equipment-18 11.00

Add to Cart NBB211 Slides Queen Rearing and Queen Introduction--12 8.00

Add to Cart NBB212 Slides Foraging Bees 8.00

Add to Cart NBB213 Smith & Frimston Beekeeping and the Law 11.55

Add to Cart NBB214 Snelgrove Swarming 8.75

Add to Cart NBB215 Snodgrass Anatomy of the Honey Bee (HB) 37.95

Add to Cart NBB216 Snodgrass Anatomy of the Honey Bee  26.50

Add to Cart NBB217 Stephens-Potter The Beekeepers Manual 9.50

Add to Cart NBB218 Stuart Beekeeping 1580-1660 7.50

Add to Cart NBB219 Style Honey. From Hive to Honeypot 11.45

Add to Cart NBB220 Susan Cobey Instrumental Insemination of Honeybee Queens-Video 26.50

Add to Cart NBB221 Taber Breeding Super Bees 13.45

Add to Cart NBB222 Taylor Make Yourself a Nucleus Hive 4.50 (price change16/05/02)

Add to Cart NBB223 Taylor The Best of Bee Talk 10.25

Add to Cart NBB224 Taylor Make yourself a Honey Warming Cabinet 4.50

Add to Cart NBB225 Teale The Golden Throng 11.95

Add to Cart NBB226 Thorne Search for Varroa in UK-Video 16.50

Add to Cart NBB227 Thorne Living with Varroa-Video 16.40

Add to Cart NBB228 Tinsley, B That Year at Cornborough 6.95

Add to Cart NBB229 Tompkins Practical Beekeeping 7.00

Add to Cart NBB230 Tonsley Honey for Health 5.25

Add to Cart NBB231 Tonz Two for the Honey 9.95

Add to Cart NBB232 Valli Hunting for Honey 36.95

Add to Cart NBB233 Verma Beekeeping in Integrated Dev. 27.25

Add to Cart NBB234 Vernon Hogs at the Honeypot 4.75

Add to Cart NBB235 Waine Background to Beekeeping 13.45

Add to Cart NBB236 Walker Catalogue of Bee Books 5.85

Add to Cart NBB237 Wardle Honey Cakes and Biscuits 2.75

Add to Cart NBB238 Waring Better Beginnings for Beekeepers (New bigger edition) 11.50

Add to Cart NBB239 Waring Nepal - its Bees & Beekeeping-Video 17.50

Add to Cart NBB240 Watson The Bee Man of County Clare 7.50

Add to Cart NBB241 Watson Beekeeping in Ireland 13.00

Add to Cart NBB242 Wedmore A Manual of Beekeeping Temporarily Out of Print (new print expected late 2009)

Add to Cart NBB243 Wenner Anatomy of a Controversy 36.00

Add to Cart NBB244 White Pollen, its Collection for the Microscope 12.00

Add to Cart NBB245 White  More Honey in the Kitchen 7.75

Add to Cart NBB246 White Soap Recipes 13.50

Add to Cart NBB247 White Super Formulas 9.95

Add to Cart NBB248 Wildman A Treatise on the Management of Bees 5.00

Add to Cart NBB249 Williams Beekeeping Potential/Oilseed Rape 0.50

Add to Cart NBB250 Wilson The Insect Societies 19.25

Add to Cart NBB251 Winston Biology of the Honey Bee (SB) 22.00

Add to Cart NBB252 Yates Beekeeping Study Notes 12.75

Add to Cart NBB253 Yates Nudge Nudge Hint Hint 6.75

Add to Cart NBB254 Yates Senior Study Notes 8.25

Add to Cart NBB255 Yates Beekeeping Study Notes (Modules 1,2,3,4) 28.00

Add to Cart NBB256 Yates Beekeeping Study Notes (Modules 5,6,7,8) 37.50

Add to Cart NBB257 Yates Beekeeping Study Notes (Module 9) Microscopy Certificate 10.95

Add to Cart NBB258 Yates Beekeeping Study Notes (Basic Exams) 12.50

Add to Cart NBB259 Yeo Solitary Wasps 9.70

Add to Cart NBB260 Oldroyd Asian Honey Bees 42.00

Add to Cart NBB261 William Kirk Guide to Pollen Loads of the Honey Bee 16.00

Add to Cart NBB262 Arthur R Smith  William Charles Cotton MA 1813 - 1879  9.00

Add to Cart NBB263 Calder  Oil Seed Rape & Bees  8.75 Post Paid

Add to Cart NBB264 Furness  Honey Wines and Bees  5.95

Add to Cart  NBB265 Ronald O.Kapp's  Pollen and Spores  12.50

Add to Cart  NBB266 Nester Fernandez  Vorroa  30.00 Post Paid

Add to Cart  NBB267 Celia Davis  The Honey Bee Inside Out  22.00 Post Paid

Add to Cart  NBB268 2009 Annual  The Beekeepers Annual 2009 9.95 Post Paid

Add to Cart  NBB269 2009 Annual  The Beekeepers Annual 2009 and the Desk Calendar 14.00 Post Paid

Add to Cart  NBB270 David Woodward  The Queen Bee- Biology Rearing & Breeding 21.00 Post Paid

Add to Cart  NBB271 Webvision Production  The Complete DIY DVD Guide to Building Your Own Hive 10.50 Post Paid

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